OC above you: bodyguard, hitman, employer, target?

Posted 2 months, 7 days ago (Edited 2 months, 7 days ago) by Singer meatsleep

what it says on the tin: in an assassination situation, is the OC above you the bodyguard of the target, the employer of the hitman, the hitman, or the target? (bonus points if you explain your reasoning!)

Just from her presence I'd feel that Asmodeus would probably be a target. 

employer! :'O from his personality he sounds like a bodyguard but i don't think that's quite as likely due to his conflict aversion, n that "willing to do anything" has a sort of surreptitious eeriness to it that makes me feel that, although altruistic as ever, he'd be willing to take desperate measures if it came down to it and his life was in danger

He seems like he has the capacity to be a hitman, but I think he'd mostly likely end up as a target. It sounds like he has information that might be of interest to certain shady parties, and since he's not just going to step aside and let them do as they wish, he might get in their way. I think he'd give any hitman a run for their money, though.

 His description and appearance drives me to believe that he would be the employer but also a hitman if and when needed. 

she gives me a employer kind of vibe but she also feels like she could possible be a target? I just don't see any reason why somebody would try and get her killed. 

He gives me the bodyguard feels. 

Hm, target? Since he seems to have a rather demonic nature associated to him (by appearance), and that could attract trouble... But he also gives off the sense that he could be an employer as well. Maybe both?