Gift a Character (the Stricter version)

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Read the rules thoroughly before you post please!

Heavily inspired by AirTime 's awesome thread

Getting random designs is cool, but I thought people might like a stricter thread with tighter rules? Please be sure to check out the original thread for a more lax gift thread ^.^
Most rules here are from Airtime's thread, my own additions are added in blue

Gift a Character?

Gifting a character just means to give a character to someone for free. Whether its a character you can't connect with or just can't get rid of, all are accepted here!

What if I don't like the Character I receive?
You can either put it back in or place it in the Freebie Bin if it continues to get passed around on here. You aren't required to keep the character. Regardless of stricter rules, it's still likely that the character you receive may not meet your expectations/wants.


  • Please fill out the form that is provided, this helps you get characters that you may end up keeping.
  • Wait until 2 Posts before posting again.
  • Do not create Drama on this thread. If someone breaks a rule, please notify me rather than attacking them head on.
  • Do not expect to get exactly what you want from this thread. These characters are being given for free.
  • Do not give a NSFW or Gorey character to someone who said no to these options on the form.
  • Failing to follow these rules will result in a Warning. If you fail to follow another rule, you will be blacklisted. If you wish to get off of the blacklist, PM me.
  • Do not give a character to someone with traits they specifically said NO to in the 'Absolutely not' section of the form. They WILL be permitted to request you send a different character and you will be expected to.
  • Do not claim just because you want to move the thread along//get a new character. Only claim if you honestly think you have something that fits! It is NORMAL for a thread like this to be stuck for a while. Its to be expected with being stricter!
  • Designs need to have proper credit. This is for everyone's comfort and safety.
  • The character must be uploaded to your TH in order to be eligible to send. No files. Again, this is for everyone's safety and comfort.
  • please ping person you claim since we can no longer see blocked users!
  • Do not post and immediately hide it. I see users doing this to get free characters and this will not be tolerated. If this becomes a pattern, you'll be black listed
  • You have a 12 hour time limit to send a character over. If you do not, you will be black-listed until the character has been sent. Do not claim unless you have time to send the character. Do not claim again until you have sent a character.
  • Pre-made characters only unless someone has ok'd a custom (in which you need to claim and pm the person above for details. This is the only exception to the 6 hour rule. Please do not take more than a month on a custom. You are NOT permitted to post again until the custom is complete.)
  • ABSOLUTELY NO GENERATOR/MAKER CHARACTERS WHATSOEVER unless someone said its ok to send them one. If you send a generator character, the person you sent it to is absolutely permitted to request you send something else. If you can create it by clicking buttons in a flash game, it's not welcome here, sorry for the inconvenience.
  • Characters sent must match a minimum of 1 trait that someone has listed as ok (NOT including humanoid/anthro/feral choice)
  • IMPORTANT -Fullbody characters ONLY. Characters sent must have at least 1 fullbody (FULL. not 80% not 90%, FULL)image in their gallery.
  • Medium + quality characters only. No super cheap shoddily made adopts. You know the kinds im talking about. I'd like to keep this thread focused on more hq designs that people like rather than cheap 5-500 pt adopts that just keep getting traded around. Please note that this price range is merely an estimate. Use your best judgment or contact me. 
  • IMPORTANT - It was brought to my attention that someone has been sending characters with nothing but the thumbnail. This is NOT ok, and if I am notified that ANYONE is doing this, you will be expected to send a different character. If you refuse you will be BLACKLISTED. This is something that shouldn't even have to be said, and I'm very disappointed that someone has decided to take advantage of my thread that way :/
  • Have fun! c:

(You may receive something not on your preferences, but you will not receive a NSFW or Gorey character if you said you do not want it)
(you will not receive a character with anything you said absolutely not to.)

Will you accept Characters that have NSFW Art or Themes?:
Will you accept Character that have Gorey/Disturbing Art or Themes?:
Which of these do you prefer to receive? Humanoid, Anthro and/or Feral?:
What colors do you like to see on a Character?:
Customs ok?
What patterns/themes do you like to see on a Character?:
Fandoms you like?
Anything else you prefer?:
Absolutely NOT:   Max of 3 traits that you absolutely do not want


Anyone here is not to participate in this thread. They are not to be harassed. If they post, ignore them.
Please follow the thread rules. I know I talk a lot but it really isnt that hard.
I reserve the right to blacklist you if you do not follow thread rules. The reason for your blacklisting will be stated beside your name.

iiForeverSkyy- Sent a character to Kingstona that was specifically against their absolutely not section and broke multiple thread rules. Blacklisting can be resolved by sending Kingstona a character on their preferences that follows thread rules.

kirakiraprince claiming- kemonomimi ( i think??), mythical, stable color scheme, demon/witch

Will you accept Characters that have NSFW Art or Themes?: yes

Will you accept Character that have Gorey/Disturbing Art or Themes?: yes

Which of these do you prefer to receive? Humanoid, Anthro and/or Feral?: Humanoids (humanoid monsters as well, but very picky and not preferred. Check my favorites)

Anthros only if ancient Egyptian ( needs to actually be from AE mythology, not just a dog in Egyptian jewelry)

If feral: MYTHICAL CREATURES. (Not dogs with wings or weird colors. I'm talking about chimeras, manticores, sphinx's, deity-like creatures etc. Actual mythical creatures. If it looks like a monster that'd be in a Final Fantasy game then I'll accept it. Other than that, do not send me ferals because i do not want them ;w; .  I would ask that you pm me for my approval if you want to send a feral or anthro to me!)

What colors do you like to see on a Character?: non-clashing for the most part. clashing colors only if it accents the design.

What patterns/themes do you like to see on a Character?: I love desert themed stuff, specifically things based on ancient egypt! I like fantasy/arabic designs. Thieves, dark/gothic stuff, vampires, demons, knights, dragons, I love characters in top hats tbh, rpg characters, heavily detailed characters are cool. I like characters inspired by ancient civilizations...gods/deities. Characters with third eyes
..idk what else to put here..look at my favorites and personal characters to get a better idea if you need to!

Fandoms you like? D. Gray manfinal fantasy

dont send me fandom characters outside of those.

Anything else you prefer?:  I highly prefer males. I'm not too fond of revealing clothing on females or female characters in general?

Probably look in my favorites to get a better idea of what i like if you need help

Please avoid sending me traditional media if possible. It can be difficult for me to see ;^;

Customs are ok but you need to ask me before you claim. Don't be offended if I say no, I'm very picky. Would be looking for humanoids, probably complex. Need to be open to providing wips and possibly changing parts of the design.

Absolutely NOT:   Shota/Loli,  super bright unnatural skin tones (like lime green or MSpaint red, etc), please dont send me 'femboys' (feminine males are ok. )

Do not send me repeat characters.

Please keep the thread rules in mind <3

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