How Well Known are You on TH?

Posted 17 days, 12 hours ago (Edited 17 days, 3 hours ago) by Bugdaze

Yes, I stole got inspired by somebody else on another site *Cough* CS *Cough* I don't know if something like this exists yet, if it does, I'll close this.

So this game is kinda self-explanatory. You rate the person above you from 0 (Who are you) to 10 (You must be God because I quite literally see you everywhere)  For example:
First Person: I've seen you around. 5/10
Next Person: I don't know you. 0/10

Here are the rules:

• This thread is not made for chatting. If you want to chat, do it via PM.
• Don't double post
• No fighting
• No advertising for stuff like trades, commissions, or sales.
• Anybody who breaks the rules will be warned via PM.
• You're banned if you break the rules three times.

You can start off with me! I just joined a couple months ago, not really expecting that high of a rating.


i've never seen you before !!! oo:

0/10 i haven't seen you!

but that's my fault because im never on lol

0/10 i havent seen you ;o;

0/10 Never seen you before but GLAD I have now! I love your characters!!

0/10 Never heard of ya

Tho glad I stumbled across you! Your art and charas are fabulous

6/10 i see you around pretty often! (and you bought one of our adopts before, thanks again❤)

This is a nice idea


I think I recognize you but probably because I clicked on a trade thread once. I'm not positive enough to confidently say youre even remotely popular woops

0/10 Hello!

3/10, seen you as the creator of this thread of course! but not much further than that! Its nice to meet you anyway~