Find an Aesthetic Image for the OC above

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Find an Aesthetic Image for the OC Above

I checked the masterlist and HOPEFULLY this isn't a duplicate??

I decided since I run the aesthetic thread to try something like this~!

How to Play
  1. Claim a post (If you'd like you can list a vague preference: I.e. Food based aesthetic)
  2. Look at the OC's profile, images and the listed preferences (If applicable)
  3. Go to Google Images or Pintrest or another site to find an aesthetic image
  4. Edit your post and link it here <3 
  1. Please be respectful of players and their OCs. Hate towards OCs will not be tolerated.
  2. Hateful / Rude / ignorant posts will be auto-banned (Homophobia, transphobia, Sexism, etc.)
  3. PLEASE be careful when posting an image focusing on difficult / serious parts of a character (example: my OC has bipolar, so images calling her a 'yandere' or 'crazy' will be autobanned)
  4. Please do not post sensitive images directly on the thread. Blood / Gore etc. can be posted via link with a bolded warning beforehand. (Sensitive topics include blood/gore, medical related things, alcohol / drugs, adult language etc.)
  5. Try to keep drama to a minimum
  6. This is mainly a way to help others build mood boards <3
  7. Please do not over specify. Please keep specifications general (i.e. "Food", "Space", "Flowers" etc.)

Let's say I post my OC Kei!


His element is fire, and he's a vampire / demon so you would find something like this:


Ban List

None! Let's keep it that way please!

I'm going to start things off with my bb Roxie (Posted IC!)

(If you're put off by the TWs- just a TL;DR: She loves coffee, has a fire / tiger affinity, loves takoyaki/pad thai / cheesecake / macrons / cute foods, video games and is associated with hearts because she's poly as heck)

CLAIM~! I love your OC hehe

TW: Suggestive romantic image... I just really liked the aesthetic of it lol




source -- pintrest0bea90dbec092f600e8673e621479ef0--sniper


I hope at least one of these is okay ;;

So I found this really cute latte art thing for her matcha latte love along with a little love letter type thing:
But then I really liked the idea of love letters so I found a few more different ones! :>

Maybe something for Shen? I don't mind multiple images or just one, whatever is good for you!!



Another wip! Would love to see what kind of vibes you get from this design. ♥



I hope these are good!! <3