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Offer To Adopt!

Designs I've made over time that needs homes.

So, they're offer for adoption! I'm mostly looking for $$ and Art, will consider designs!
 Some of these guys have prices, consider them Auto-buys!
If you're wanting to to do edits to the adopt, please offer ABOVE the Auto-buy price. Auto-buy price comes as-is.

Reduced a few prices, made all prices more specific.
Haggling is okay too!

Offering Art?

Please be comfortable with drawing humans/humanoids/human-faced furry species. I don't have any need for feral/anthro (muzzle/beak) art.

I will auto-decline for: non-confident lines, photographed traditional artwork, MS-paint art, beginner habits, naturally provocative art.

Feel free to offer according to the adopt's suggested value.

Offering Adopts?

x No Ferals and other Quads.
x No "Closed Species" Kemonomimis (ie: lacies, lovenotes, beromimis, etc)
x No pastels/Kawaii, no Dollmakers (dreamselfy, gaia, etc)

x No muzzle/beak/aquatic anthros.
 --->Aquatic exception for Nudibrats and Osenyan. (lol)

+ CS I like include: Dreamies, Pashminna*, Bellfoxes*****, Appositi**, Avidron, Cupids, Blakrye*, colorful bipedal things I need to clothe myself, etc.
+ Wings! Long tails! Floppy ears! Ribbons! Horns!

+ Willing to offer multiple or +Art for popular CSs
+ Humans: furturistic/retro theme, punkish, asian, grunge. Non-CS android people.
+ Humanoids/Kemonomimi: Fantasy RPG themes. Dandy, Renaissance, non-sexualized armor. "Desert" theme. Pirates (xNo captain designs).
+ Clothing with the above themes are also great!

+ CS MYO slots. Human-faced furries and the like only. xNo Kemonomimi-CS.


  • Do not claim this artwork as your own. Do not edit the original art. Please only post up the original art with watermarks.
  • Do not use my original art for profit in any way.
  • Feel free to tweak colors, change gender, chop off a limb, whatever.
  • Link back to me ([email protected] toyhou.se / deviantart /tumblr, or Capsaicinoid on furaffinity) on the first post you make with the character. Anything after is up to you.
  • Do not resell the design for more than you paid, without additional artwork and with the artist's permissions, and only up to the value in which you spent on it.
  • If it was obtained in a trade, only give it away or trade it away. Do not resell traded adopts for cash or vouchers.
  • If the design is human or otherwise a non-species, feel free to use it in your comics/prints/charms/games/whatever, but only with your own art.
  • I'd like to track my CS designs, if you are trading one of my designs, please contact me.
  • Please hold onto your CS designs for at least a month before trading again.
  • TL;DR: No profiting, no claiming my art as yours, no editing my art.

>Link to Trade Gallery<

some examples:


Very tentative: Personal species Leolop designs

Rosale Guest Designs and Auracorn Guest Designs in First Post!

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I really like my horn+braid guys and want one of my own but I haven't succeeded in something I really want.

These two have been added:


Made one more I kind of want to keep but she's not quite there because I keep doing patterns lmao. I feel like her and the blondie up above would be good friends.



I don't think i have any characters that suit your strengths, so i'll have to pass!

four designs have been revamped!!!





After some thought, I think I'll pass! Thank you for your offer, though!


Thank you for the offer, but I'm going to pass!