Custom-Aesthetic Weirdos (FULL-min.$8) UPDATED

Posted 2 months, 19 days ago (Edited 11 hours, 17 minutes ago) by Inuee

-Im just another Aesthetic weirdo just like you-

>>Random adopts thread<<              >>Chibi art thread<<


No. customs DONE in this and this thread: 116
(i started school, so i will be slower, anyways, i will work in them little by little)

I will have all artistic freedom, so have that in mind before buy~

How this works: 

1.- Choose any pics you want from the image map (min.3)

2.-Fill the order form with all the information 

3.- Send me a PM or comment with the order form

4.- I will accept, and send you a wip after i finish

5.-If you like it, then i will send you my paypal

6.- After you pay, i will send you the full-size

7.- If you dont like it then i can do a new one (and sell the old here)



1.- Wonderland (90%) waiting confirmation

2.- 404 (50%)(50%)






Order form -PM or comment me with: 
Pics: (which pics do you want and from which image map they are), Gender:, Offer:, Notes: (a thing you would love i add)



-To be added in the waitlist, send first the order information, if i accept i will reserve for you the slot.
-You have 3 days to reply and send the payment, after you ACCEPT the custom. (if need more time, ask for it)
-if you dont ask for more time, after 3 days i will sell it here, and after a week, add you to grey list.
-NO RETRACTIONS, if you dont like the adopt is ok, otherwise i wont tolerate it
-i will add nicks here to know how comissioned me
-As the title says, all will be Weirdos (maybe monsters, demons,etc. whatever i imagine)
-i dont know how much worth them,so offer as much as you want (min.$8)
-If you dont like it, you can Trade/Gift the custom or ask for a new one (the old custom will sell here)
-if you resell the custom you bought, need to be for the same or less you paid here. (unless have more art)
-I can only do minor changes (max. 1-3)
-You can choose as many pictures you want (Min. pictures 3 ), but, more pictures = better offer
-I have the right to accept or decline any offer
-in my thread i will use as examples the customs i did, i will use the original version (the one without changes) or sometimes the modified version
-The art style will vary (i dont use base), (Art gallery) (depends on my mood and the offer)



(<-image map 1 ------------------------------------ image map 2->)



Inuee Could you let me know when you have that weekly slot open? I'd love to order from you again! :D 


sure¡ i couldnt open this week slot because i was busy, but i will quote you the next week when i open it :3

Question! Would I be able to give you pinterest inspiration boards and pay you to work off those? Obviously for a higher price but I just want to know for future reference!


sorry for the late reply > O <  sure is totally ok to me :3

Awesomr! Can you put me on the waitlist then? 


sure :3 ~//added



Im open again :3 , if dont want buy a slot right now and only be on the waitlist for the next time, let me know.

Inuee I'll pm you!

Inuee Omg yes I'd definitely like a slot, please! :D I'll have my order ready in a sec! 

Inuee Sorry for the delay, I've got everything ready now~ So excited to order from you again!! 

Pics: Do these work? ^^ If not, I can pick new ones from the map! 


Gender: Male 

Offer: $10

 Notes: I'd love if he could be some kind of living statue type creature! Otherwise I leave it in your hands! <3 


* a * aah i really love the idea, sure i will send you the wip when i finish~<3