Leftover Adoptable Sale! [6/7 OPEN]

Posted 12 days, 13 hours ago (Edited 2 days, 19 hours ago) by mienzhyre

These children still have no homes (bottom left especially;;), so me and my co-creator decided to discount them to help them sell!
Click on the images for more information.

ALL available: $6 eachLEFT available: $20
LEFT available: $10


I'm not sure how this sort of stuff works, but we can figure out a deal if you can get me #2 from here!! Will also consider #3 because I love that color scheme but priority is #2 while it's still available! They're $17 each!

Example deals:

  • Ribbon (lower left, $10) + one or two of the $6 adopts
  • three or all of the $6 adopts
  • extra commissions for any character with an adopt:
    • 5 headshots + a $6 adopt
    • 3 headshots + Ribbon
    • 1 waist up + Ribbon
    • 2 waist ups + a $6 adopt
    • 1 full body + Ribbon/$6 adopt
    • 1 chibi + Ribbon
    • 2 chibis + $6 adopt
    • a mix of different commission styles + any adopt
  • a custom off-base adopt??
  • three or four custom on-base adopts??
Note: None of the adopt pics are in my art style! Please check my commission info for kind of outdated examples, and my art tab here for my more recent "doodles" (I have a few older stuff recently uploaded though). All commissions and custom adopts will be solely from me, and Morning Mouse (upper right, $20) will not be offered with any of these deals. Koto, my co-creator/roommate who made Ribbon and Morning, is busy and I can't drag her into my adopt obsession laughs

Please help me I'm desperate my aeones are some of my favorite gals fjaifiaikfkd