[PSA] Scam Artist - KARNxJiro [UPD 19/08]

Posted 4 months, 29 days ago (Edited 1 month, 3 days ago) by Jayden

I really hate to do it, but since my warning has been ignored (like all my other notes) I will post a PSA about this artist.. I've included the timestamps on every message for reference!

So, the very beginning, I ordered from this particular artist last year. I was super happy with the result, despite it taking a short while, and so they went down as a "to commission again" artist.
EDIT TO THE ABOVE: This is the note regarding the first commission, after a week I asked if he was still doing my commission (I'd had someone scam me out of about $25USD that week, so I was obnoxious and asked earlier than I usually do), he replied with a WIP sketch and the full commision was uploaded the very next day. He was genuinely really awesome to work with!

The order was made on October 16, 2016. The order was paid for on October 18, 2016.

Flash forward a couple of months, I post in the job forum part of DA, looking for someone to draw my OC Akuma, looking specifically for artists able to draw mature men without an issue. He contacted me with his information, and of course, I was eager to commission him again. Note: He promises to deliver 24h after the sketch is approved -- I wouldn't hold a person to that, but it's been a hell of a lot longer than 24 hours... 

So it went well, I sent him my ideas and my OC references and he sent me a sketch to approve. -- The link to it is now broken, you can check for yourself if you'd like.  I approved it, added the minor tweaks I'd like and then sent the money, with him letting me know the final copy would be sent to me the next day

Now, meanwhile, he's uploading art to his gallery (please check the upload dates below) he's completely ignoring my messages. 
Oct 19 2016 // Dec 19, 2016 // Dec 27, 2016 // Dec 27, 2016 // Dec 31, 2016 // Dec 31, 2016 // Jan 25, 2017

I messaged him once or twice, he ignored the first then replied to the second, letting me know he'd upload the commission. 

Sent another message 2 months later. No reply.  

Sent another one (simply copied and pasted my original message) about a month later, I got a reply but it's the wrong commission? I replied the exact same day, barely even 5 minutes later.. I got a little testy, and asked again a month later... And got a response, THE SAME DAY....about how the stash link was broken. I replied right away with the fixed stash link and still, 2 weeks later, have not heard anything from him..

TL; DRPaid for a commission 6 months ago. He only responded before being paid. Still haven't got the comm. 

EXTRA!One of the December 27 commissions belongs to Sarfiaholic who also left a comment about their experience dealing with Karn being basically the same. 

EXTRA!: Another commissioner came forward about being scammed out of money and has waited over 12 months for their commission. 

EXTRA!: Junori has kindly shared some screenshots of a commission they purchased from him that wasn't finished. 

UPDATE:Finally got some kind of answers! He replied to my ultimatum message with his reasons (link in the message is here) and the client of which the tweet was apparently about is the reason he can't refund me.... apparently?

EDIT: He used to have maybe 3 or 4 people in the comments asking him if their commission was done, but it seems he's hidden them

EDIT: Thanks to Cawfee for showing me, he has a twitter and has been posting regularly since October last year, when I ordered the Commission. He's also using my OC as his icon //sobbssss.

EDIT: RIP a status from his twitter saying his customers are needy. (Screenshot, incase it's deleted.) -- big thanks to PetitexCosette for letting me know about this.

EDIT:I GOT A RESPONSE. I guess...you could call it that at least ???

EDIT: His secondary account is orphanageofkarn

I really didn't want to name and shame, but i'd rather at least prevent it from happening to someone else... If the issue is somehow resolved after this is posted, I will update and let everyone know. For now, I''m on a bit of a search to find if anyone else is awaiting art from this artist, or if anyone knows how to contact them about their orders?

Whoops, forgot to add that point, please don't harass or message this artist regarding this issue, I am only posting to make others aware of an issue I (and apparently many others) have faced, not to form a lynch mob over it. 

I hope this thread doesn't get locked cause things like these need to be noted down?? I don't feel like this is any type of hostility or in the same vein as the recent call outs. 

Especially since this is taking money from people, and folks have probbaly considered commissioning them?? Needless to say, I'll defiantly be adding them to a list of DO NOT COMMISSION. 

Jesus I'm sorry you had to deal with this and hopefully you either get that commission or you get that refund unu

Had you tried resending the report ticket? Since yesterday, mods have been very punctual about responding to them.

Sugaryacid I hope so too, I would just like to at least find some (if any) others who are waiting on art from him, as if you go back a few pages on his journal, there's people who'd apparently waited a year for theirs.. 

Well considering it's $50USD per Full Body that's pretty decent money, and I know there was about 5 or 6 of us still waiting. he's a really good artist, no doubt about that at all, so I could understand other's wanting to commission him, but yeah unfortunately... ;; 

Thank you very much! Sadly, PayPal can't refund me as it's too long ago to dispute, apparently. At this point I'd really just like my commission and to go. ;;

varkarrus I don't believe they have a ToyHouse, if they do, I will add it to this post immediately. 

Sugaryacid The new rules say making others aware of scam is still permitted as long as there is no encouragement for harassment. I think this counts as scam.

I hope they get back into contact with you :C

It's a last resort option IMO? But theres a pretty big list of artists (or commissioners) to avoid here you can contribute to if things don't get resolved...: http://artists-beware.livejournal.com/

iRosefeather aaahh ok!! I must've missed that, thanks for letting me know that def makes me feel better just in case I need to bring something up like this myself !!

Just to add, he has a twitter, and is using your character as his icon. ♥ 

Also he's been posting more actively there too, lmao.

Venomouswolf Me too, thank you!

Also thank you very much for that, I will add it if I don't get anything back in 24 hours. (He's read my note, but so far no replies, I'm giving him 24h to at least give me some sort of update). 


It states on his twitter hes worked on personal projects, game comissions, and has a patreon.

He also posted on Febuary 11th "When your customers are more needy than your girlfriend." Mwaning youre not the only one but hes putting them all off.

PetitexCosette Thank you for letting me know! I actually sent him a note on Feb 11 and he answered.. now I feel less awful for putting out a PSA.. 


Note for self, to add later. https://mobile.twitter.com/karnxjiro/status/830435314837528577

Oh my God... he scammed you and is now stealing your character / your character's artwork??? Thanks for the PSA, this sucks big time and I hope something gets done about this ASAP. :/

@Yoshie Unfortunately it seems that way ;; While he drew the artwork and all, I would have really appreciated him asking before using my OC is all. 

Not a problem, and thank you I hope so too!

Wow, that's super skeevy. And even making the art doesn't give him permission to use your character's design! I really hope this gets sorted for you soon.