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Have you commissioned someone here and gotten impeccable service back!?

Would you like to recommend a fellow toyhouse user's commission threads because they've just been so awesome to you!?

Here's a thread for you to do just that!! 🌟

Be sure to link up the user, their commission thread, and the image you got back from them!
Some extra information like what you like most about the commission, the time frame, and a general price would be pretty cool to mention too! Stroke that artist's ego!!

Small rules to prevent spamming:

  • This is for toyhouse members to promote fellow toyhouse members
  • This is not the place to promote giveaway threads! This is for art or design commissions. Currency of some sort must be traded. I may allow art trades or art paid for by designs later, but right now I'd love to focus on commissions. Art game thread reciepts are also not eligible. (Post giftart or offsite comms here!)
  • Please don't reccommend your friends just to reccommend them. If you want to boost a friend's sales, post up something recent you bought from them!
  • Time limit for the recieved commission is currently within the past two months. Not too old, but old enough to get some past reccommendations in.


I commissioned this from pikaxiu of my character Juniper and Tearyia's character Enya. I really love how it came out- The style is just really cute and I adore how Pikaxiu portrayed the two's relationship. I also really like how they drew the clouds that are in Juniper's ears and around his tail! Here is their commission information: Weebly Link! The style that I commissioned was the Tator Tot style~


I commissioned this piece from Brabbitwdl of my character Elliot and WuschelHD's character Shima. I think that Brabbitwdl did a really good job at portraying their personalities and I love how colourful and fun the background looks! The shading is really soft and well-placed~ I checked and I don't think they have this commission type anymore, but they do have chibi commissions!

There are so many more commissions I'd love to gush about, but they're older than 2 months OTL


As long as they're also active here, it's fine. But if they have an abandoned/haitus'd account, I'd prefer not. I'd really like to keep this as promoting others within the toyhou.se community! There's plenty of groups and things in deviantart to promote deviantart-focused users :9



(c) ateliae

commission pieces: 2 (same type, different expressions, same price!)
received: May 17
ordered: April 15
price: $12 (reduced half price deal)
commission info: refer to their TH profile for links/contact mode. currently an active artist.

details:  quick replies, quick updates (such as warning when she will not be able to accept or draw yet), lovely prices for good results.

Howdy! I would like to recommend JamesEatsPlayDoh to my fellow TH users.

 He drew my character Sierra after I commissioned him in his $5 Chibi Comm thread!

I sent him a PM on the 24th of June and got it late the next day.

He was friendly, quick, and had no issue accommodating my additional request after seeing the WIP sketch.

You can see other samples in his thread that I've linked above, and I've put the chibi he drew for me below.

When I have chibi needs, I'll be going back to him! He's a quality artist and I hope other THers give him more business! You won't regret it. ^u^


I.... can't post the image cause it was a NSFW commish >.> But I ordered a fullbody NSFW image of Camlyn (link to profile, so you can see the image there if you have that enabled) from @chisairu for $20usd. I ordered May 26th, got a sketch May 27th and got the finished full color image Jun 1st!  This was my second commision from them and they are just absolutely wonderful to work with! I cannot recomend them enough. Very friendly, very quick and (from my previous one) if something causes them to be slower, they are very apologetic about it!  

(and I am so glad this is here now, holy moly I'm gonna post here a lot I think XP)

capsaicinoid I've got nothing to add, but thank you for making this thread! I've gone ahead and stickied it so hopefully more people can use and see it!

Not adding anything atm, but thanks for making this thread! It's nice to see more positivity and recognition for good service on the site!

And thank you Minsu for sticky-ing the thread!

Okay, I've already done a bit of gushing about this already, but now that there's an actual place for it.... 

I finally cracked and bought a FMN MYO, but just couldn't make a design that I liked. I asked around and was pointed in the direction of lovely Faynis

I sent along a blurb of info and a few "aesthetic" pictures (really not a lot to go on) and recieved the absolute perfect design of my baby Svetlana <3

Faynis was very easy to work with, sent plenty of updates, and the price was very reasonable <3

100% would recommend for MYO (or any) custom design work!

Ordered a NSFW Gif Icon  of my baby Strawberry from Crow-Face (You can go check it out in Strawberry's gallery since I can't link it here)  and I could not be more pleased   

The price was reasonable ($15) and definitely worth it! The work was done in a timely manner (Completed in about 1 day) (Ordered June 17 & Received on June 18) and I love the coloring & the details put into it that made it personalized (Strawberry's tail was also animated) ! 

I ordered a few chibi commissions from @oscarandco of my babes and I'm absolutely in love < 33 http://toyhou.se/Oscarandco/art#3895427 / http://toyhou.se/Oscarandco/art#4073098 / http://toyhou.se/Oscarandco/art#3855204

They're a pleasure to commission & get them done in a more than reasonable amount of time. They do so much more than what you specify (posing/details) & it is beyond amazing to see the sheer amount of effort and love put into their pieces. They even went back and changing a detail on one of the chibi's with their shading/coloring style change even after it'd be finished! For 5 euro (roughly $6-$7 USD for a chibi/bust up) it's absolutely amazing & I can certainly recommend them.

http://mika-tama.deviantart.com/journal/Commission-OPEN-need-money-682926951 Please do go check out their amazing work & or commission them !!

I've ordered two P5 themed icons by Hound3 not too long ago! 

http://toyhou.se/553187.-nexor-/gallery#3814485 & http://toyhou.se/866327.melissa/gallery#3814494

As usually, Rae was super quick to finish them (within a day!) and the communication was great as well! I've been commissioning him for quite some time already and never been disappointed once, so I can whole heartly recommend him! <3

He often does special offers which he posts in his bulletins and they're definitely worth keeping an eye on! 

(also thank you for this thread, I'll definitely get back here more often!)

I've been getting a lot of art fomr hootles resently, too much to count (and a lot NSFW) so I'll just list a few below.

He has a pretty fast turnaround speed, 1-2 weeks tops. Everything I paid for was well priced. Working with him is awesome

I asked for a comission of my fursona and someone from an anime and they pulled of the perfect pose/expressions. Honestly I cannot suggest him enough!

Examples of some commissions/adopts I've gotten from him::  

http://toyhou.se/190820.-jo#3983056 , http://toyhou.se/1027027.9-cecil#3810571 , http://toyhou.se/888432.-kaze#3247173 , http://toyhou.se/198906.-amea

His commission info:: http://hootles.com/commission.html