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Have you commissioned someone here and gotten impeccable service back!?

Would you like to recommend a fellow toyhouse user's commission threads because they've just been so awesome to you!?

Here's a thread for you to do just that!! 🌟

Be sure to link up the user, their commission thread, and the image you got back from them!
Some extra information like what you like most about the commission, the time frame, and a general price would be pretty cool to mention too! Stroke that artist's ego!!

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  • This is for toyhouse members to promote fellow toyhouse members
  • This is not the place to promote giveaway threads! This is for art or design commissions. Currency of some sort must be traded. I may allow art trades or art paid for by designs later, but right now I'd love to focus on commissions. Art game thread reciepts are also not eligible. (Post giftart or offsite comms here!)
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I apologize! I'll be more careful in the future <3

So a few days ago I commissioned ch1sh10 and gosh I'm in love <33

She's creating super adorable Chibeans for just $1.50 and SERIOUSLY. JUST LOOK AT THEM.


Communication was also great and all three of them were done quite fast! Can definitely recommend her and will consider future cms as well <3

I commissioned this pagedoll from Hina !
Commission thread: http://toyhou.se/~forums/71.art-marketplace/40913.pagedolls

I have commissioned Hina before too. I think this was my second time(?). I received this one within 5 days.
She's very friendly and approachable with attention to detail. 
I recommend. ' v '

First time posting here so don't mind me sorry if I messed up lel

A bit overdue but I recently commissioned ninjashield5 to design 2 Blind Lace MYOs for the recent anniversary event Piffi held. Yes, for those of you who follow Piffi, I'm talking about the event that was only a week long! Here was the end result (and I'm posting as the character they designed for me):


the boy belongs to Synchronicity and the girl belongs to me :>

To be honest, I really wasn't expecting to find any artist who would be willing to work on the week deadline, as I've never been one to participate in unlimited MYO events with any sort of deadline, so it was a surprise that ninja was willing to work with me on this! They were always very fast with their replies and, even though they were on vacation at the time, were still able to finish in a timely manner with at least 24 hours to spare in the event. I pretty much got online to a new sketch every day and with the quick communication back-and-forth, we were able to make the deadline and submit these two lovelies in time! The price was also very fair for two customs (plus the Gardenias), at least in my opinion. Ninja was also very responsive to what I asked for, esp. regarding changes to the sketches, and I'm very grateful for that. So again, thank you ninja for your amazing work on these two! <3

tl;dr fast & quality work, very fair price, finished with a fast deadline.

Relevant links:

Just got this finished commission from Beed and I'm so hyped! Not only is it really cute, but Beed is a darling. I got a sketch WIP earlier, and even after they finished, they offered to change anything if something was off! I got this pretty quickly, too. Give their commissions a glance!


I've recently commissioned from Animusubi to draw some Gijinka's for me and they did a really good job! Their prices are really reasonable and they get art done within, what I think, is a reasonable amount of time. They're really nice and they worked with me with what I needed. They have a great style that's quite nostalgic to older anime, and they work really well with references if you don't already have an image for your character. They seem very comfortable in their style and I'm sure your characters will look great if you give them a chance.

Here is their shop: Old-School Anime Style Commissions

Below is the art I got from them they did an amazing job with the designs I came up with for their clothing! I'm thrilled, especially with their shoes~ This is Omar and Lars, they're Omanyte and Parasect Pokemon-gijinkas. This is not the full size of the image, I needed to shrink it down to fit better.


Black Quose Black-Quose

Design Comms - Art Comms

Black Quose is the SWEETEST most amazing designer I've ever met! Her designs and art are incredibly cute and elegant, she's incredibly professional, AND her prices are affordable! Here's some examples of her designs and art that I own/gotten, I just love them so much vvv and she finished them in really good time!! Just please go check out her commissions, you won't ever regret it!! 




sorry! I got over-zealous ><; it's good that they have one tho! https://toyhou.se/black-quose is it still okay?


I'm not going to ask you to take down your comment or anything, but I'd like to remind you of the rules of the thread:

  • This is for toyhouse members to promote fellow toyhouse members

This is to promote community solidarity! Commissions you've gotten from offsite should go to this thread

I'm back again with another review! This time it's Fox2210 !

They designed me my Lucario gijinka above, and have also done a fair few cheebs, and even some extra headshots of her for me!


Her expressions are amazing, and lively and there's something really enigmatic about them, her arts beautiful (look at those patterns and how pretty that girly is, HER NOSE <3) and she's just amazing to work with! A really good turnaround too (though she warned me it might not be due to studies, it was ? maybe a week and a bit!) She currently doesn't have a proper post up but prices are in the spoiler below!

Honestly commission the bab, she has great prices and her art is so good and fun to look at! So thank you again Foxxo!

Chibi: 5 each

Page of 4 expressions: 5 each

Flat color full body: 15 each 

Shaded full body: 20 each

Busts: 5 each 

If any shaded add 5

Are you a Pokemon fan that likes surprises! Maybe you're just looking for a brand new design to use! Have you ever wondered what a Flying/Electric Pikachu Gijinka would look like!!! Well look no further than MortySmith 's Mystery Egg Commissions! 

Not ONLY is Morty really good at conceptualizing Pokemon for a fun random gachapon-like game, but she is ALSO the sweetest and most delightful person you could ever commission from! She's very easy to talk to and makes you feel like a long-time friend with how eccentric and energetic she is when messaging you! She's also open to specific Pokemon requests depending on the complexity of what you're asking, and you can also ask for a specific typing when requesting for a Mystery Egg!

Now, for the moment you've been waiting for! This lovely triad is what I commissioned from Morty, with the first two specific requests totaling to $26 (but I tipped and made the total an even $30 because can you believe this quality!!!!) and the last one (a Mystery Egg) being a total of $7!!!!  Even if you're not a Pokemon fan, these designs are also very good as standalone OC ideas due to how much love and creativity Morty pumps in them. No two designs are alike!



Not to mention that Morty has impeccable speed when it comes to these lovely babies! You can check out her to-do list via the link in her shop, and it gives you a rough idea of how many designs she's doing before yours. She keeps that to-do list up to date and during the two times I commissioned her, she practically pumped out these beauties nightly! So depending on her workload and how many people are in front of you, you could get your commission as early as the day after you commissioned for them!

Overall it's been a pleasure and delight working with Morty, and I for sure plan on being a returning customer of her work! 'w' You can contact her both on here and via dA, there's literally no difference in between!