[Artist Beware PSA]: Fenharelx/Fenharel

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https://pixel-pup.deviantart.com/journal/Artist-Beware-PSA-Fenharelx-Fenharel-701257804  (check here for people's run-in's with fen and other proof)

EDIT: According to an anonymous source, Fenharel is potentially transitioning to old accounts-- this being Dracula @ toyhou.se and Dracula @ FA ! While there is no recent activity on these accounts, the favorites and watch lists coincide with artists Fen watched and liked. Either way, be careful just in case!

I've thankfully never had to write one of these until now, but considering all of the underhanded motives associated with this user in recent history, I think it's important to warn others about them when selling, buying, and trading characters/art. Not only have I suffered frustrations, but several friends and watchers have now fallen victim, and I simply can't let that go by. I hate to admit I'm at the end of my line of tolerance.

This PSA is by no means meant to bully or harass this user-- Do NOT bully, harass, or send hateful messages. This is only to warn the public about this user's concerning trading habits and to be extra mindful and careful when dealing with this individual.

@/Fenharelx/Fenharel @ Toyhou.se is no longer allowed to obtain adoptables/designs I have made.


When our first interactions started, I was aware that Fenharel was on a public blacklist of a notable adopt designer, and supposedly was/is on others (the others were simply word of mouth, I have no evidence to the actual truth of it.) While this was initially something I was wary about, I acquainted myself with Fenharel over a trade deal, and since then it's been an incredibly distasteful experience. A simple trade turned into being badgered for designs I wasn't trading, or that I had already declined his offers on. (This happened a few times. Each time I stated the designs in question weren't for trade and yet still got offers.) 

  • Since meeting him, I have been berated by offers, been offered incredibly unfair trade circumstances, and have dealt with several friends who have had similar distasteful interactions of their own with Fenharel.
  • I have encountered instances in which Fen has repeatedly and knowingly broken my TOS, and from that watchers and friends alike have been scammed. 
  • From personal conversations with friends, I have been on the sidelines in situations where Fen has attempted/succeeded in scamming them out of money or designs.

While these are all worth mentioning, I am only going to go over the more recent events because most of these interactions were over lost conversations on private messengers, or originate from friends who wish it to stay private.

[*]-- Many months ago I did a few trades with Fenharel for characters and a MYO slot of his species. My end of the trade included me doing 3 humanoid customs of the Chittercida species he had owned at the time. All interactions were done over Skype and then Telegram, and while I have nothing from Telegram I do have some vague Skype screenshots of when I was making a few of the customs here. I have 2/3 files and old Gyazo screenshots of the actual designs if needed, but the the last file is lost. Each of these customs were art trades-- they had no sale value. 

  • One custom was done for a character worth $15. It was an old @/ellipticadopts design that I got as a custom ages ago when I was @/Minty-Cakes. I found out a very recently that Fenharel vouchered this design for $65, and had money sent directly to his PayPal (which then becomes a direct resell, which I do not allow). 
    • His PayPal was confirmed by previous transactions with myself and confirmation from friends who have also had PayPal transactions with him.

  • This was after he had already tried to/vouchered one of the other customs for $50. I unfortunately can't find the screenshot I took of it being vouchered, just a screen of the journal title the design was in). At that point we had each other blocked and a friend was kind enough to message him that I was uncomfortable with him vouchering the design. 
    • We were unfortunately responded to with a lie. The design in question was actually never sold, it was discounted to $35 before being traded to me. I still have the design. 
    • He then continued to voucher the design anyways. I'm not sure if he eventually took it down or if someone was unfortunate to take him up on the voucher, as it no longer shows up on his ToyHouse.
    • When I was informed about the $65 vouchered design, my recommendation was to get a refund-- as this was not only breaking my TOS and publicly stated discomfort, but the buyer spent money on a design with no price value that was sent directly to Fen's paypal. In response, Fenharel said he already spent the money and didn't have the funds. The issue of the refund is still being worked on since Fenharel has not contacted the buyer in several days.
    • *** EDIT: After seeing the PSA, Fen conveniently offered a refund. Screenshots TBA
      *** EDIT2: Screenshot here of Fen refunding the user. For some reason Fen doesn't see to acknowledge the fact he scammed the user is an issue. (To clarify, the refund DID give the design back to Fenharel. Him giving the design to the user wasn't actually necessary, but I'm glad the design is in good hands either way. Before talking about the refund, user relayed to me that he was uncomfortable using the design because he had been scammed, and felt he couldn't use it due to the way he had received it and it violating my TOS. Thankfully this issue seems to be resolved!)

  • The third custom's whereabouts are unsure to me. I'm not sure if he has it or if he traded/vouchered it. Regardless, it's not allowed to be traded, vouchered or resold since it was done for free. (It was supposed to be done for a MYO slot of his species that I never did.)
    **EDIT: Third designed has been found and was thankfully traded with the chitter design it was based off.

[*]-- Another individual also informed me that they've traded another design to FenHarel in the past that Fen actually traded away before their end of the transaction was completed. The individuals wished to remain anonymous if I mentioned this encounter with FenHarel, since the situation was overall smoothed over. But they thought it was worth mentioning in general due to the sheer unprofessional attitude that they handled it. 

  • My friend was caught up in a trade agreement with Fen. Fenharel traded the design he did not rightfully own yet in a 6+ way trade. Friend wasn't notified of any of this and was left in the dark. He only admitted to doing it when he was called out on the fact after my friend found out about it. Needless to say, Fenharel provided my friend with a series of excuses to attempt to justify trading the adopt early.
  • The trade was eventually settled, and while they did fulfill their end of the trading deal it's in extremely poor business practice and had a lot of potential to go awry. Lying to people you're trading with is extremely distasteful.

There are countless more times in which I've dealt with Fenharel, but due to lost evidence between personal conversations and through other's experiences alone, I won't go further into it.

If you have anything you'd like to add, or need answered privately, please message me. Again, this is not a means to harass this user. But please be very cautious when attempting to do business with this individual.

edit: Sorry if i'm a little slow to answering! I've gotten quite a few messages im sorting through. More claims and evidence will be added as soon as I get them

edit2: I've gotten a ton of public and private messages/claims from situations that people have been sharing with me. A lot situation the users preferred to remain anonymous, or have their stories/evidence kept from this journal. But it's VERY safe to say Fenharel has slighted many people, or have had very distasteful dealings with him.

edit3: screenshot situation where Fenharel oversold an adopt, which was against the artist's TOS Thankfully, Fen gave the money back when confronted: https://sta.sh/01qv92mj3tmw  

I am very confused. Why is the difference between a voucher and resell? Why is one okay and the other not?

Vulpined not the original poster but I've come to know it as:

A resell is a direct purchase: As in say the adopt is worth $50, then the user would get $50 sent directly to them via paypal/any other money service. 

Voucher is when something is exchanged for the same value of adopt!! Such as either buying something from someone's wishlist for them or buying them a commission slot from another artist.

Some artists don't like vouchers since for some it's still considered a trade involving money?? From what I've come to understand!!

Sorry if this is confusing since I've seen a few different definitions going around and this is how I came to understand it!!

Vulpined Many artists do not allow people to resell adopts that weren't purchased from the user (ie getting an adopt in a trade)! A voucher is essentially a way to gain the adopt without trading, to give funds to an adopt artist for an adopt(or art) in exchange for the character. It's usually expected that the user purchasing the voucher to send funds directly to the artist and not the one wanting the voucher (since it then becomes a direct resell if they do, which then breaks the TOS). If sent directly to their paypal, it can lead to them potentially not using the voucher for its intended purpose. Therefore an adopt got resold when it wasn't supposed to! Some artists allow vouchers and some don't. It's rather controversial from what I've seen? It's either people allow them or not. But in situations like this, where it got abused, is why many don't allow it. 

I hope this helps! I tried to explain it the best I could. 8')

Sugaryacid thank you for your addition! o/

Thank you both for explaining! I think I get it now!

Vulpined no problem, im glad we could help!