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My lovely antennaed elf children! Another species to throw onto the Tales of Windsong pile, Arcinians are a race inhabiting a good area of the galaxy, with their homeworld being Harmonian Earth. Arcinians are (almost) all born with an innate form of magic unique to them, Arcanus- this non-elemental "pure magic" has a wealth of uses, and its color depends on the color of the Arcinian's forehead gem. Under normal circumstances, this color tints a lot of the Arcinian's body, becoming its blood and eye color- though it does uncommonly happen that the eye/blood color and gem color do not match.

An Arcinian born with a white gem is born without Arcanus magic, and thus, has to learn to use a different type of magic to compensate. Arcinians with white gems never have a matching eye/blood color.

Arcinians are masters of magitek and almost all of their technology (which, by the way, is EVERYWHERE in Arcinian-occupied areas) operates on a magic core, often using a magically-charged piece of rhodostone at its core, a vibrantly pink crystal seen around Arcinian-occupied areas, believed to be a physical crystallization of Arcanus magic. There are lots of Arcinian cities around Neo Skylands, all varying from "modern big city" to "super-futuristic metropolis". Titanim is the largest, founded by a triumvirate of two Arcinians and Akemi, an Arcinian-built robot.

The Arcinians "worship" (for a given degree of actual worshipping) Galateia, an Ascended God of the Harmonia universe, formerly a normal Arcinian before she achieved true unity between magic and technology, and ascended to goddess of technology. All Mythic Arcinian traits originate from her and didn't start appearing among Arcinians until she ascended. Arcinians don't really pray to her and simply feel that she watches over them and protects them, and are comforted by that knowledge. Symbolism representing her is all over the place in Arcinian culture, a common example being the triple-diamond symbol of the race. A model using her image is also the most common model of Arcinian starship AI, closely followed by a model that simply displays the triple diamond and a model resembling Akemi.

These guys also happen to be the species that my persona, Noche, is! There's a little fun fact for you!

If you'd like one, feel free to request to join the group, and be sure to read the TOS. There are four Arcinians up for adoption right now, this being one of them:


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I get the feeling I'm drastically underpricing these guys...I might bump up their base price a bit in the next adoptable wave.

Feel free to PM me if you'd like to be added to this species's pinglist. That way you'll be notified when the next adoptable wave comes out or some sort of change happens to the refsheet.