{FREE TO MAKE} Monster Species

Posted 12 days, 21 hours ago (Edited 11 days, 21 hours ago) by cyanidecavalier

eyyy so I was messing around with original species lately and I decided to make my own. The full info about them can be found in this journal but I decided to post this thread since maybe someone will want them here. I'm slowly developing them and maybe if enough people show interest I can add things like wing, tail, and horn options but for now you can design them however you like and they're totally free

Rules (please read):
    - Please give me credit and do not claim species as yours. Trading and gifting is allowed but do not sell them
    - To get one, leave a comment below (or pm and show me your design to get it approved
    - For an extra slot, make a journal informing others about this species and send it to me or pay $3.00 over paypal
    - I might even accept art for an extra slot (though this is not guaranteed)

If you'd like to give me a tip since the species is free right now, that'd be super nice ovo but for now I just just have fun with them and get creative

Here is a doodle I did of what they can look like