LF: OC Art Or AT

Posted 5 months, 1 day ago (Edited 1 month, 20 days ago) by Storm38

I have no money to do commissions at the moment so I'm looking for people who would be willing to do requests. I'm also up for an art trade only if you have a mlp oc. (That's the only thing I can draw well)
I'm willing to do simple human chibis as well
Link: My OC's
If you post the request on Deviantart please tag me Stormie38
Also if you're interested in an art trade for a pony/human here's example of my art: http://stormie38.deviantart.com/
(The one's I want drawn the most are TangleTalonJazzStormLukeShirotsuBrunoEkoAri and Lucas  preferably together. MintyheartVanilla Swirl, and Blaze Burner)