LTB ] Flat color half-body

Posted 8 days, 7 hours ago (Edited 8 days, 7 hours ago) by Wicked

I was looking through threads and didn't see many with this particular option...

Looking to get a flat colored, half body shot of my character Nobody to use for her icon. Minimal cel shading is fine, but I don't want anything heavily shaded/painted. I like a semi-anime style & heavier lineart is a plus !
If you think you'd like to draw her, please post examples + expected turn around time. I would prefer something that can be done in 3 weeks or less, thank you!
Please post, do not pm me. I will reply with 48 hours of your post if I am interested in purchasing!

I offer flat colored halfbodies for $20, examples here

I can finish within a 3 week mark and send wips during the process, thank you for looking!

Hey there!

I can finish this kind of commission within a 1-2 weeks or even less than that

As for the pricing, I guess we can figure that out since I haven't really priced my flat colored.

Most of my examples for flat colored ones are boys but I can also draw girls as well :

Just samples to show that I can draw girls as well:

Thank you for your time!

Hello!  I tend to have a more realistic style but I can also do a semi anime style like this!

Here's my comm info/examples--

I can finish by the end of this month!

dropping samps! i could do a flat color half body for $35 :> 

Hello! I'm interest in drawing Nobody (ha ha). I could make a halfbody for her like the examples below for 7$, i think this looks like what you're looking for. :)

I usually give a 1-3 weeks, just to be safe due to a wrist injury, but if all goes smoothly it would be only a few days.


Thank you for your time and have a nice day!