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Yo. Just some quick stuff before you proceed.

I don't share my charaters publically, so these are more for if you're able to see them.

Also, I do not trade or sell my characters! Don't offer on any of them! Thank you!

I will also block you if you complain to me about my warnings and the exact thing that bothers you. Just say "I'm not comfortable with [blank]" and I'll try to understand (though I tend to get confused in the moment since this hasn't happened often or I might become scared of you due to trauma reasons).

Do Not Interact If

  • The usual; LGBT+phobes, MAPs, TERFs, etc.
  • If you think anything that's bad cannot be written about in fiction. (under any circumstance (like if you think no matter what, its always bad). I can make exceptions if I think it's reasonable)
  • If you think that writing bad things in fiction makes you a bad person. (under any circumstance)
  • If you think video games makes you violent. (Trigger for me)
  • If you don't support kids (young kids) playing video games, watching movies, etc. (Trigger)

Content Warnings

  • Traumatic Experiances
  • Death
  • Violence
  • S*ic*de
  • Mentions of S*x
  • Other stuff I'll label/warn about if needed.

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