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Name Matlal
Age 32
Birthday Month of quecholli, day of the House (14 november)
Gender Male
Species Human
Race Nahuatl with drops of apache natives
Nationality Citizen of the Aztec Empire and Tenochtitlan
Occupation Jaguar warrior and current chief to a to-be settlement of aztecs in Itlallocehuetzi (Land of Freezing Cold) (Actually the British Isles, shh)


Height ~170 centimeters
Build Muscular
Skin Light brown with little bodyhair
Eyes Dark brown
Hair Dark chocolate color and slightly wavy, reaching past the man's shoulders. It is often braided and gathered together into a complex top-knot.
Features Matlal's got high cheekbones which make the general shape of his face appear longer. His nose is very straight, somewhat downwards-curved at the tip possibly bringing to mind the beak of an eagle.
Scars etc Body is dotted by occasional jagged macuahuitl scars, gained from particularly nasty battles. On his chest, above his heart, there's a carefully carved depiction of a jaguar's spot which he attained when he joined the ranks of the warriors.
Style Wears sandals or mocassins on his feet, though doesn't mind going barefoot in cities. He wears a lot of greenish-blue, adorning his outfits and hair with numerous quetzal feathers. The man's face is often covered by some red paint, once again symbolizing his status as a chief and a warrior. He wears a pair of jade earbuds and doesn't go anywhere without his sword. His armor is made of chainmail, but still retains the jaguar influences of his ancestors in the shape of the visier, the helmet, in the way the sizes of the chainlinks spell out jaguar markings. He has a definite dislike for viking-style trousers however - the best you can make him wear is airy harempants.


About Inquisitive, proud but not arrogant. Eager to be appreciated for his work. Looks solemn and serious on first view, but will quaff booze and joke around once you get to know him better. Well-educated and curious of the world around him.

He's ashamed of his father and of the shadow his deed cast on their family. Considers his father's actions selfish. Though he cared for the man he's also cultivated a bitterness in the last couple of years, seeing how hard it is for his relatives to grow used to their new life.
Hobbies everyone has a hobby
Skills Good at fighting with maquahuitl's and club-swords. Can read and write, knows of history and viking culture
Likes Xocolatl (slightly flavored with honey, as improved roads and contacts with the maya have popularized sweetening food and beekeeping)
His family
Dislikes Cowardice, more than anything
Viking-style ale


Alternative history roleplay where:
*vikings succeeded in establishing a colony in Northern America, taught everyone ironworking.
*Something went really-really wrong in The Old World
*Native Americans continued to flourish for centuries after Cortes should've turned up to enslave them
*Aztec empire has finally figured out ships and are off to colonize The Old World.



Father Ateixco (exiled)
Mother Moyolehuani
Younger sisters Nenetl and Iconel
+ extended family

[family life, military]
When Matlal was 25 he fell in love with Itotia - the daughter of a neighboring household.
[father got caught aiding the escape of a to-be divine sacrifice. He'd tried to rescue the guy because he'd known him from military treks to apache indian territories]
Matlal's association to this terrible event was mitigated by the man not having been in the city when it happened. Essentially he returned to Tenochtitlan from a military trek and found his father already exiled, the house closed down and family living amidst commoners. As Matlal was stripped of his title along with the rest of his father's immediative relatives his engagement to Itotia was immediately called off.
In his desperation he turned to a friend of his, a fellow nobleman Totoca, for help. As they had known each-other for a long time and served in the military together Totoca was willing to take him in and provide the leverage Matlal needed to argue his case.
Through his connections Totoca managed to get Matlal picked as the leader of a small exploration and settling operation eastwards, which - being a very honorable task - would've helped his family regain some of the status that they had lost.

The voyage has two ships at its disposal - The Árþúsund Fálka, gained from their Vinland viking benefactors and The Tlahuizlampa – Light from East – which they took over from some aztec-apache pirates who'd tried to rob them.

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