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Last edited; 27 June 2019


  • Fanart is okay! Only draw characters in the ‘want art’ tag, and please do not draw sexually explicit artwork.
  • Do not reuse or take heavy inspiration from my characters, whether it be design or story-wise.
  • If you are suspecting that a character is stolen, let me know immediately with proof in hand.  Please do not point fingers, or make any ‘call-outs’ and accusations until all matters are settled.
  • I do not wish to co-own any characters with people I don’t know, so unless you are a friend of mine, please don’t request or offer to co-own a character.
  • I would rather not have anyone kin with my characters, but this is only due to some concerns it will pose; it may bring a damaging sense of entitlement to a character I may never trade or sell to you, and when I eventually pass them to a new owner, they may be uncomfortable with having their characters kinned with. Go ahead if you absolutely want to and are aware of these things, and you must contact me about it. I will not allow kinning of any characters I’m selling.
  • Don’t try to push me into giving you a NFT character.
  • You may use one of my active characters in roleplays, but please ask for permission first. I may refuse this if it makes me uncomfortable.

I am always open to conversation and inquires; don’t hesitate to contact me if you are concerned with something :)

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