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Introduction · · ·

The outwardly innocent and friendly lead dancer of HOT//COLD, Cherry is unexpectedly kind considering her role within the hard-hitting HOT subunit. In interviews, despite speaking her fair share, she's relatively soft-spoken and always has a smile to spare. Her visuals on stage are killer- rivalled only by Kia herself.

But behind the scenes- behind the public-friendly image and sunny smiles- lies a story that she'd rather keep masked.


  • cherry-flavoured drinks
  • attention
  • gifts from fans

  • being ignored/treated lesser than she thinks she deserves
  • people with low standards
  • off-brand soda

Personality · · ·

Despite her cheerful public persona, behind the scenes Cherry has all the attitude of a girl unable to let go of her high school popularity days. Often coming off as childish and a smidge spiteful, her behaviour tends to fly under the radar because her fellow group-members are relatively used to it- and for all her immaturity Cherry doesn't want to ruin her group's reputation through her own actions.

Kindness definitely doesn't come easy to her, either- even though she means well, more often than not she finds her compliments devolving into vaguely positive criticisms, not wanting to be seen as someone genuinely nice. But she does try, and surely that counts for something, right?

Stats · · ·









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Trivia · · ·

her favourite drink is cherry coca cola; her love for cherry-flavoured drink inspired her username on youtube and later her stage name.
she's fluent in english, korean, and near-fluent in russian. she also has some vague knowledge of french from high school.
in high school, she graduated with the best grades in her class.
she's been dying pink streaks into her hair since she was a teenager.
she's the most followed member of HOT//COLD on twitter.
since she looked after her siblings a lot when she was younger, she's great with kids.

Backstory · · ·

Cherry was born in Korea to her single mother; an only-child, she grew up quite isolated- her mother often had to travel out-of-country for work, and while working in Russia met who would soon become Cherry's step-father. The two quickly married, and decided to move to the US together when Cherry was just 9 years old. In an effort to prove herself in the unfamiliar country, Cherry worked relentlessly in school, excelling above the rest of her class and quickly smashing the expectations set for her.

Even at home, Cherry held a lot of responsibility- she now had two younger step-siblings who she'd often take care of when her parents were working, alongside her older sister Sofia. By the time she was a teenager, she had little time to herself, constantly studying and taking care of her siblings, as well as picking up a few part-time jobs to earn herself some money. Despite it all, she miraculously never felt much burnout- if anything, she took pride in her hardworking attitude and various achievements.

Cherry had always had a sparking interest in singing and dancing, but never much time to pursue it until she was out of school and left with not much to do. She began posting covers on Youtube as a hobby and gradually grew a large audience; far larger than she'd ever expected.

And soon, she'd be launched into altogether stardom.

Discovery · · ·

When Cherry first recieved the email from Q.STARS, she was doubtful. Googling the company only turned up idol groups that she'd either never heard of or had already disbanded; though through her extensive research the company had at least seemed legit, and that was the only thing that stopped her from deleting it straight away.

And what they promised was certainly interesting; her own idol group that she could lead, and that she would be the face of. Always determined to prove herself to others around her- and now having the chance to do that in front of the world- she accepted the offer, fame clear within her reach.

Present · · ·

But as time went on, Cherry gradually realised she'd been lied to.

Not about the group, no- that, at the very least, was real. Promotional photoshoots began and HOT//COLD began taking form, and Cherry was flown out to Korea along with the girls that would soon be performing alongside her. Work began on their first album, and Cherry first realised something was wrong when she'd gotten barely a fraction of the lines her fellow members had gotten. Her promised role as 'face of the group' hadn't gone forgotten either, yet Cherry found herself pushed to the back of group formations and photoshoots in favour of other members; namely Kia and Ace.

Understandably confused, she subtly bought up the issue with her groupmates. None of them had the slightest clue what she was talking about.

So she asked her manager, and finally learned the truth; she'd never been intended to be leader. She was never meant to be the face of the group, because the company didn't think she was good enough. That she didn't have the right looks or attitude or vocals- she wasn't good enough. And she'd let them lure her in, fooled into thinking she really was.

For the first time in her life, Cherry had failed- she hadn't failed her family, her friends- she'd failed herself.

But she was already in the group, and there was no going back now. Confidence thoroughly destroyed, Cherry accepted her background role in the group; in interviews, she feigned soft-spoken shyness, and in private was prone to lashing out at anything she percieved as an attack- which in her current state, could be just about anything. Although she was amiable with her group members, she couldn't help but look at people like Kia and Ace and wonder what they had that she didn't. She picked them apart in her mind, desperately trying to find flaws that weren't there.

But there was nothing. Cherry, despite how much she felt it, was no idiot- eventually, she settled on the thought that it was her own problem. Something within her was lacking, and there was nothing she could do to fix that.

So here she is today; sufficiently popular but hardly popular enough, trying desperately to prove herself while the very foundation of her career prevents her from doing so. And maybe something will change that, someday.


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when they were younger, sofia and cherry initially bonded over being given babysitter duty of their younger siblings. this, along with them being just two months apart in terms of age, made it so the two practically grew up alongside eachother. sofia helped teach cherry some russian, and cherry helped sofia learn english and some korean.

despite cherry's newfound fame within the group, she still keeps in contact with her sister- but she hasn't told her that she was ultimately lied to because she's ashamed of being taken for a fool.

best friend

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cherry and kia's relationship is... a little awkward. kia's fumbling personality matched with cherry's jealousy of her position in the group makes things their interactions stilted at best- thankfully them being in separate subunits means they don't interact too much, but their percieved 'beef' has been a subject of fan's speculations since the group's debut.

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