Dukhaan Perndhasa



3 years, 5 months ago


Meltdown: A thief of the dark and cruel Inigeri Clan, Dukhaan is... a little more than hapless when it comes to being a dark and cruel Inigeri. He certainly tries his best; Dukhaan does all in his power to seem like a bad guy, and he's stolen his fair share of people's possessions, but he has a bit of a problem. See, thieves and assassins are supposed to stay hidden all the time, but in all honesty that's the last thing Dukhaan wants. Dukhaan wants to be noticed, needs to be noticed and recognized for the great thief that he is. Or is going to be. One day. At only 17, and having only spent two years on his own after being kicked out of the Clan (as per the norm, in Inigeri society, to send 15-year-olds off into the frozen world to fend for themselves), Dukhaan spends the majority of his time trying to track down just about anyone in Niveria to rob. It's difficult, being a thief, when all of the easily accessible things are, well... not even easily accessible, and even then not worth taking at all. As a person, Dukhaan is proud and confident to a fault, and never tries to show any compassion to anyone. He has a sharp tongue and can be extremely rude, but in all honesty he's got a heart of gold somewhere deep down in him. He just absolutely hates to admit it, so it's best you probably don't call him a "good guy." He might hit you.

Modern AU: A boy of mixed Pakistani and African American descent who lives with his mother and little brother Esfir, Dukhaan is a rather hotheaded boy of 17 who lives in a particularly seedy area of New York. He's proud and determined, and yet holds a certain jaded self-deprecative quality to his lifestyle that makes him somewhat careless sometimes. He often finds himself in fights he can't win, given his fairly wiry stature, but if Dukhaan is anything, he's hardy and persistent. He tries to be a good role model for his little brother Esfir, never smoking or cussing around the younger boy, who he practically raised during his mother's late working hours to try to support their family. Dukhaan also has an older brother named Jadyr who runs a drug ring and is filthy rich because of it, but Dukhaan's mother refuses to accept any of his money, and Jadyr finds it both infuriating and hilarious. Dukhaan is wary of Jadyr and tries to keep Esfir away from his older brother, just in case Jadyr tries anything funny. After Jadyr forced Dukhaan to smoke one of his weird concoctions just to see what would happen, Dukhaan doesn't trust Jadyr around Esfir. Then again, he never did.