leyah aurum.



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she - wolf

Name Leyah Aurum
Age 793
Gender Female
Race Werewolf
Role Kingpin
Theme she-wolf.

you are barely a pup when you experience dismay in such a way that you would wish to forget. laying in the cold snow, whimpering for some sense of warmth. but nobody came, so you got up, and found your own. it has been like that ever since - you, creating stability for yourself. you have come to america under the guise of a recent widow from liverpool, england. your accent wanes over the years, but your resolve remains strong as ever. nothing in particular drives you to open your establishment, nothing other than the need to see others not get walked on. there are good people out there, you konw. you can't let others bully and berate them. sometimes, people can't stand up for themselves, and that's okay. that's why you're here. they'll shut up, or you'll rip their throat out.

darling it is no joke, this is lycanthropy.

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