Ambrosius's Comments

Thank you so much!! And haha yeah, Claude is still holding the number one spot 84 faves but Ambrosius is on the second spot! 

aaaa thank you ;; o ;;; < 33

I love him OMG those boots tho *o*

THANK YOU aaa !!! Really long boots are my secret love I love them so much... both like irl and as a subject of drawing sdfg

ME TOO I give them to so many characters omg they're gorgeous

/pets his tail

his tail is very sensitive (SORRY THIS REPLY TOOK ME FOREVER I just wanted to draw something terrible to accompany it)

omg....that's too cute............

He probably sometimes moans by accident if touched by a human and he dies inside every time

Please dont die ROSIE.....


I do! I have been having some hiccups with my health lately though which is why my current partner has had to wait for my reply for.... a week or so, but if you don't mind that then I'm all game! ; v ;9 I'm also super into just planning things too and talking about stuff and making small exchanges instead of full blown RP !

Wow, he's beautiful....;__; I love that he has both winter and summer looks!

Thank you !! < 3 ; o ; It was originally a joke because I couldn't decide between two colour schemes and then I was like "damn, why choose one when I can have BOTH B^)"

... I just keep thinking of Labyrinth. This is amazing. (Also he's a lovely boyo, as usual. I love him)

I have actually never seen that one, I feel ashamed of myself because I feel like I'd like it. A Lot Also thank you!! He was supposed to be an adopt but then things happened and I was Forced To Keep Him

There's a character, a dog, named Amrosius! Hence why I brought it up. <3 And aww, I'm glad you kept him though! He's so lovely~

I googled and I, for one, trust this dog with my life and ,

and haha yeah I'm glad I got a reason to keep him because I got disgustingly attached really fast

XDDD Ambrosius is love, he is life.

...consixeting it's a summer month, he should have his summer coat as his icon :p

oooh my god oh my god that's such a brilliant idea?? although I kind of want to honour his personal love for his winter coat but now I'm SO tempted... what have you done....


i was just thinking about it when i read about his coats because my company switched into "summer months" at the end of april lol