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High King of Materials

One of the first new gods born after Worldrend, it was Aure who looked over the boundless fruits of the Valley and saw how to purify and refine her goods into greater forms. His machinations became the foundation of the Valley's towns, its productions, its jobs, its industry, and Aure has enjoyed a healthy stipend from such feats. Though his companies' profits are largely recycled back into the community, Aure's cheque is more than enough to bankroll his private hobby of buying his way into mens' hearts. He knows that one morning, the Highers' patience will wear thin and they will decide to eradicate the world once more - and he intends to live every last day to its fullest.


of the Generous Harvest Sun


of the Cunning East Star


Nummos Auri Fulgor Solis


Titania: Aure was one of the first new gods born to the Land, and has been with Titania through almost everything. The mutual respect between them runs deep, and Aure thinks of himself as her confidante. She's amused by his romantic exploits - a nice breath of levity.

Numauri: Retainer. Though Aure predates the retainer system, Numauri was assigned to him after its establishment. Primarily, they work as Aure's bodyguard, protecting him from threats and accompanying him everywhere he goes. 

Stibi: A Low Duke of the Land and a dear, close friend. Stibi's anxiety colors his perception of Aure, but Aure simply adores his genuinity and raw expressions of the self. Though he never speaks of it to Stibi, he's personally lobbied for him many a time in the Kings' courtroom.

La SallaVery cute, very reclusive. Very good at somehow sensing Aure before he creeps up and freezing him, which is a bit of a bonerkiller, but hey, he's flexible. It's hard to justify heading as far north as Salla is, but Aure tries. 

Lacus Mare: Shy and cute, and Aure gets to see a lot of him on his visits to the Sea's territories. Lacus is friendly and polite, and a good listener. He's easily impressed and flustered, but not very easily seduced. Still, very nice to be around.

Fomalhaut: Less accessible, but still lots of fun, and very attractive. Usually Aure isn't bothered by the military of the Courts, but he can't help but mildly worry about anyone dying, Foma included. He'd rather they all go together, at once....

Arsia Collis: Finding out about Sylviana and Arsia's power grab is definitely an eyebrow-raising moment. Arsia's always been a bit of a hot wild card, but that almost feels - too much? And now he won't let Aure legally visit the Mire. 'Legally' being the key word.

Tascheter: He'd tried flirting with Tas once or twice, so color his surprise when Tas went all-out for Arsia. Not like Aure's judging, he's just a little (lot) jealous and angry. He's also gotten kicked out of Mire a few times after sneaking in by Tas. C'mon, man.



Not a particularly skilled combatant, but he carries around a gun (which most people aren't allowed to have) and his retainer is a well-trained bodyguard. He doesn't have to fight often but there's the occasional assassination attempt.

Alright with magic. Likes doing party tricks like "watch me eat this piece of gold" since he's an iron pony and resists its side effects. Simple magic (teleportation, levitation, etc) are easy for him and he can conjure a handful of useful things (like wine bottles!).

He travels enough that Aure recognizes most places and can conjure small talk about them, but getting from point A to B alone and without his entourage would prove difficult for him. Luckily, navigation is left to the chauffeur.

Loves artwork and music. Knows several instruments - is proficient in the violin, piano, and harp. Singing voice is just OK but you can't tell him that in the middle of a serenade, can you?


 Tarot Deck 
Predates the tradition of receiving them at a claiming ceremony, but was gifted one later in his life regardless. Sometimes consults the cards if a difficult business decision is brought to him, but defaults to not bothering - trusts his gut instinct more.

 Gold Bracelet
As an Iron Pony, Aure is immune to the harmful effects of gold, silver, and copper. He's not verbally open about his race, but he does wear gold jewelry to subtly flaunt it. It stays ON during sex.

He's ready to pay for dinner. A lot of dinners. Every dinner. Aure is paid a lump sum every month from his businesses, though the vast majority of their wealth goes into the Land's coffers to pay for public works. It's more than enough for his needs, though.

These flowers are worth more than your mortgage. They're also enchanted to stay fresh forever and require no watering, because of course they are.

 Hot Chocolate
A thermos of hot chocolate he carts around everywhere. It's actually for him, not his dates. Call it a vice. He gets anxious and irritable if it goes missing.