Coltacci Niir



1 month, 24 days ago


There are few worlds outside the goo aliens' system that have colonies of ther kind - if you can, you go home. So those that do exist usually exist because of necessity and disaster. Iu'husid would  have been that, if it wasn't the armed forces of two worlds  settling it - and it was in the same system. 

Out of system  colonies are either on otherwise inhabited worlds, don't last any longer than  the trip they were originally provisioned for, or seen as miraculous. 

Then there is the "coming native" option. Niir's parent, according to the records  available,  was employed by a privately owned Plyd freighter, with two compatriots. The ships FTL mechanism  failed - spectacularly, as is their wont- and only a few members of the crew were rescued. One other being of her kind. And she - succumbed to her radiation poisoning thenext year, before the rescuing  freighter made landfall.

Niir was in the rare position of having been both a "natural birth" - proper  equipment  not being available - and sisterless. Her parents' remaining compatriot tried to book passage  back, but the baby was refused. So she took upon herself the unenviable task of raising  Niir on an alien planet.

She found herself in a Hrutxcan polygamous relationship  - which  was sort of similar  to what Niir would have gotten in a natural birth colony, but with far more... masculine  control. She and Niir were disciplined  if they didn't maintain  Hrutxcan features - though the masters  of house were happy to modify the methods to be more effective to their biological makeup.

Niir still carries Hrutxcan features,  even if not the full form. 

It was many years before the compatriot found  another  ship that would  take her work and the child 's passage. 

And. Niir found the world that was supposed to be theirs... quite foreign.