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Artwork to Klub: NASHIRA IS IN THE KLUB!!

Artwork to Crystal Form: 9/40


Name: Nashira

Age: 268


Sexual Orientation:
Bisexual, preference towards males

Romance novels (trashy or otherwise), cakes, tea, cuddling, singing, shopping, fancy and girly clothes, cute and fluffy things, lingerie


Hobbies: Reading, shopping and creating fun and unique clay jewelry. Things like octopus necklaces, jellyfish earrings, animal rings that look like they're hugging one's finger and a vast array of other things. She makes custom works all the time.

Occupation: Burlesque dancer by night, jewelry maker by day.

Personality: Nashira is a very girly girl, loving the frilliest and fluffiest and cutest of clothing and all things makeup and hair. She is a hopeless romantic and isn't afraid to let it be known, constantly sighing and daydreaming and reading her novels in public and is very comfortable with herself. She's super personable and loves physical contact, especially with those she's close to and comfortable with. She is prone to wild fantastical tangents of stories, constantly making up scenarios involving her and her latest crush, or Josie and whoever she is fancying. Nashira falls for people often, male and female alike. She loves the idea of love and romance, and is hopelessly looking for someone to be her Knight in Shining Armour. That being said, she doesn't gush or swoon openly (she saves that for late night giggle fests with Josie), instead, she tends to adopt a disinterested and cool attitude, most especially if she knows whomever it is she's fancying and is around is the sort that everyone and their dog fawns over and desires. Even though she tries to play it cool, with the occasional "Oh I bet you say that to all the ladies" and the like, she will still go out of her wait to fluff her hair a little extra, shift her skirt just so and undo an extra button and sit in just the right position that says "I may be aloof but I know I'm still sexy." Currently she is utterly and hopelessly fascinated by a certain Golden Boy. >.>

Romantic Partners: none yet

Frequent Lovers: none yet

Casual Lovers:

Josie: Her bestest of bestest friends. The two love to gossip about boys and the lastest books they've read, sharing their daydreams and what if scenarios of certain men coming in to sweep them off their feet.
Daphne: Another of her favourite girl friends to giggle with and eat all the sweets and share in the silly romantic fantasies.
Sarah: These two silly girls bonded over trashy romance novels and tea and love to gossip about the latest stories

Family: Talia (Older Sister)

Kao Lin: Nashira makes all kinds of fun jewelry for the gorgeous Tea Enthusiast