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The Baker

"What makes my treats so deliciously tempting?"

Bakes cupcakes and sweets, selling them all across soreinth.  They're so delicious they're borderline addictive and she hasn't had a customer that hasn't returned for more.  However, all is not well within the woman's bakery.  Behind the scenes is where the real magic happens; the woman entered a pact with the Shade.  In exchange for something she's yet to reveal to anyone, she oozes black sweet sludge from her mouth and into the batter.  The liquid from her throat is concentrated Shade energy and when a consumer of her goods eats a certain amount of tasty treats they become possessed or corrupted by the Shade, becoming obsessed with Strudel to the point they try to attack her.  That's when they disappear, whisked away by some unknown entity that works along side the woman, to be taken back to the Enyo Clan and used as a sacrifice.

"It's a special ingredient, chef's secret~" 


Strudel specifically targets men because she was victimized by them in her younger years
and now has a heart full of hatred and revenge

Strudel will never attack a father, at least not knowingly.  If a man is traveling with a child,
she wont target them.  Only those who can be lured in by lust are under siege to her strange magic

Strudel has a female body guard named Aki

Despite being Deception Cupcakes, Strudel is actually a really good baker; she doesn't need the goo to lure in people
Her favorable figure and her tasty snacks would do the trick just fine :)