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most of my characters have individual profile warnings when applicable, but you can expect to see suggestive content, swear words, and various common phobias and triggers, including

-self-harm, suicide, mental illness

-violence and gore

-rats/mice, snakes, insects/spiders/myriapods

-clowns and circus themes

-discussion of things such as ableism and lgbtq+phobia

i intend to have additional warnings on applicable characters and ensure that my profile is safe for anyone to browse, so if you see something that should have additional warnings, let me know!

DNI if: 

-typical criteria: racist, pedo/zoo, ableist, lgbtq+phobic, etc.

-you use the r-slur or variants for any reason

triggers (please be respectful of these when we interact):

-harm to insects, spiders, or other arthropods; hateful language towards them

-eye or mouth gore; detailed bulging eyes (like a pug has)

-printer paper and paper cuts

-psychological horror (for example the mandela catalog)

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sort of a clown/circus aesthetic

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