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  • Name killian arquette
  • Age 15
  • gender cisgender male
  • pronouns he/him/his
  • birthdayfebruary 25th

  • kwami Nymm
  • aliasfaewren
  • Height 5'8"
  • Build lean
  • Theme ...

Killian moved to Paris, France to live with his grandmother after his parents passed away at the age of 4. Killian resented the move and leaving behind everything he knew back in Canada. Before he left, Killian found a little black jewelry box in his father’s things while packing up.

In Paris, Killian had trouble feeling at home or getting used to his new surroundings. One place he always felt at home was the Dupain-Cheng Bakery. Living only a few blocks away, Killian would often walk from his home to the bakery to indulge his sweet tooth and keep from going stir crazy in his room. His frequent visits soon led to a job offer from Mr. Dupain as a delivery boy; a task usually handled by his daughter, but she seemed a bit busier than usual lately, so he didn't mind the extra help. 

The first few days on the job, Killian had trouble finding the different houses and Mr. Dupain employed his daughter Marinette to assist him on his deliveries until he was comfortable enough to do so on his own. Marinette became Killian’s first friend in Paris.

It wasn't until three months into the move that Killian remembered the little black jewelry box. Upon opening it, he was bestowed the miraculous of the Superb Fairy-Wren and met the kwami Nymm. While hesitant at first to take on the new role of miraculous holder, Killian adopted the name Faewren for his hero alias and became fast friends with Nymm, learning the ropes of being a hero and history behind the miraculous of the Superb Fairy-Wren.


  • Killian’s friends occasionally call him "Lee".
  • While Killian has a promising future in basketball, his true passion is baking. 
  • Killian works as a delivery boy at the Dupain-Cheng Bakery. 
  • Killian’s kwami Nymm is a mischievous one and loves to play pranks on him. Her nature is a reference to faeries.
  • Killian may have started to develop a crush on his friend Marinette over time. 
  • When not chosen for captain of the basketball team, Killian allowed himself to be overcome with jealousy. His jealousy was fed upon by Hawkmoth who akumatized him into Court King.
  • In a moment of weakness from supposedly failing to rescue Marinette, Killian took off his miraculous in front of Chat Noir who remains the only other person to know his identity under the mask. 
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