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  • Name Bluma (Blu)
  • Age Young adult
  • Gender Female
  • Orientation Heterosexual
  • Species Mothcat (Rare)
  • Masterlist Entry ID #324
  • Mothcat Tracker Bluma's Tracker

Meet Blu

"Hello! My name is Bluma, but you can just call me Blu - all my friends do! What's your name? Where are you from? Ya like climbing around in caves?? I have a collection of cool rocks and shells from all my totally amazing quests. Mateo keeps complaining about stepping on them and hurting his paws, but it's not like it's MY fault that I'm running out of room to keep everything. He doesn't have much room to talk with his stupidly large book collection! Oh, sorry, I didn't mean to ramble. Sometimes people tell me I talk too much, haha! My mom used to tell me that hiccups were caused by talking too much. I haven't gotten the hiccups yet though!" >:3c


Eager | Curious | Persistent

Always open to meeting potential friends, Blu is outgoing and social, often striking up conversation with anyone and everyone around her about any topic at all. She is a very curious soul, always asking questions and seeking answers wherever she can. Her energetic persona can be a bit overwhelming at first, but Blu's persistent friendliness has won over even the prickliest of characters (*cough* Cam and Mateo *cough cough*). The positive energy she exudes is infectious, and many can attest to being dragged along on any number of her frequent escapades. Whether it be visiting shops around town or adventuring in the local mountains and beaches, Blu finds it extremely difficult to not be doing anything at any given time!

While Blu is generally a positive cat, she can be sensitive to other people's feelings and emotions, particularly negative ones. She doesn't handle difficult situations very well, especially if there's nothing she can do to remedy it other than simply be there for a friend in need. Don't get me wrong, she has no problem offering forth endless comfort, support, and hugs! Blu is very good at giving big bear hugs!!



  • Making friends
  • Adventuring
  • Talking A LOT


  • Staying still
  • Seafood
  • Negativity

Collecting/Hoarding Items: Much like a magpie (ironically), Blu LOVES to collect (but really, hoard) tons of items from her adventures, including (but not limited to) seashells, pretty rocks, ugly rocks, flowers, gemstones, pearls, feathers, and anything else one could imagine finding while pillaging nature. Sometimes she likes to make nifty little crafts from the materials, like jewelry or knick-knacks. She especially loves showing off her proud collection to others when they visit her, and the collection itself is one of her favorite topics of conversation.

Chive Traits

  • Feathered Antennae
  • Classic Ears
  • Classic Mane
  • Feathered Wings
  • Feather Tail
  • Common Eyes
  • Round Pupils
  • Joint Tufts



Design Notes: Blu's design is based on budgerigars/parakeets, so please refer to parakeet wing anatomy if you need help drawing her wings. Here is an image that may help: Parakeet Wing Anatomy Guide.

Her pawpads are light pink, the same color as her nose.



[ Friend? Or maybe more? ]

Mateo is the socially awkward and somewhat grumpy local librarian that Blu simply can't get off of her mind. She finds herself drawn to him for some reason and comes up with excuses to visit him at work daily.



[ Stinky Older Brother ]

Gren and Blu used to be very close when they were younger, but as they grew older they found themselves getting into frequent disagreements, which lead to an eventual falling-out. They grew more distant, both figuratively and literally, as Blu chose to remain in their hometown and Gren left to travel the world. Nowadays, they get along a little better.



[ Friends ]

Glynn and Blu became fast friends one day when they met at the beach, as Glynn's generally laid-back attitude meant he was the perfect target for Blu to drag along on her antics. The two of them like adventuring and questing together, and Glynn lets Blu keep any "treasures" he finds along the way for her collection.



[ Feathered Friends ]

Blu is a member of the incredibly amazing ~MAIL FAM~ which consists of Grendel, 'Liam, Henry, Cobalt, Mallory, Esther, and Bree. As the family grows in numbers, so too does their chaotic energy.

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