Roman Rosewood



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  • Name Roman Rosewood
  • Birthname Jiyeong Khandala
  • Age 19-20
  • Birthday January 19th | Capricorn
  • Gender Male
  • Orientation Pansexual
  • Species Human
  • Alignment Chaotic Good
  • Height 5'10"
  • Build Lithe
  • Faction Kill Thowl Squad
  • Language Arcanic | Ostaric
  • Class Earth Elementalist | Rift Shifter
  • Profession Artisan | Former Courtesan
  • Hometown The city of Ang'hai, Shilla in Ostara
  • Current Location The city of Astrea, Arcadia in Amestris
  • Birthplace The city of Eishe, Ghislaine in Amestris



Initially, Roman can come across as a social butterfly with a flair for drama and a desire to be the center of attention. He draws people towards him, both with his feminine looks and his naturally charismatic charm. He's witty, he's hyperbolic...and overall, he wants to be loved and praised by everyone. He's very amiable amongst groups of people, and often directs the flow of conversations. On the surface, he's the life of the party. But beneath that, his desire for attention and controlling social interactions comes from a deeper anxiety. Being illiterate in Arcadia's written language, he relies heavily on social cues out of necessity of his own survival. Despite this setback, he is very sharp, and has picked up on subtle cues in regards to reading, writing, and cultural and social norms.

The downside to Roman's desire to dominate the social sphere is that he acts very selfishly, and will kick others down in order to further his own reputation. He has little regard for what other people's feelings are, and often ends up hurting people who car about him the most. He is prone to throwing tantrums when he doesn't get what he wants or if someone tries to lecture him on what's best for him. People are left worrying about his well-being constantly, as he will respond to negative criticism by disappearing for days on end without a word. He is very self-serving, and refuses help or responsibility for his own actions, even going so far as to completely betray close his friends, Jidenna and Christian.

Deep below the surface, Roman's negative traits come from trauma. He spent the greater part of his adolescence in the snare of a half-demon warlock named Thowl Crowley, a despicable man Roman refers to as the Beast. Specializing in mind-controlling magic, he bound Roman to his will, leaving him in varying states of dissociation and lucid awareness whilst being unable to freely escape. The trauma Roman endured throughout the course of five years resulted in his desire for control of his own life, to the point where he acts spoiled and careless for anyone who tries to tell him otherwise. He is very emotionally guarded and has a cynical overlook on many aspects of life.

Overall, Roman's desire is to be in control of his own destiny. He goes about it in a very childish manner in the beginning, but he eventually learns to accept that he still needs help and that he cannot control the outcome of every situation. Once the wall is broken, Roman is capable of extreme kindness and affection. He gains a burning desire to help others who are like him, and to become a stronger, better person to spite Thowl's previous programming of him.


Roman's most notable features are his pink hair and eyes of matching shades, the mole birthmark under the left side of his lip, and his magical rose tattoo on his left arm. The tattoo is infused with magic and activates whenever he wants to use plant magic; the vines run down his arm like a sleeve. He is about 5'10" and is very notably thin, to a point where sometimes he looks unhealthy. He fluctuates between being underweight and just barely in the normal bracket of weight for his height due to a magically-induced trauma that has left him with a lot of mental damage to work through.

Overall, he has a fairly slender build and leans towards femininity in fashion style. He is almost always wearing pinks of varying shades, feminine clothing, anything with rose print patterns or designs. His most worn accessory is a pair of rose earrings that his mother left behind for him when she died; he wears a rose locket of a similar fashion, gifted to him by Jidenna.


Roman was born in Eastern Ostara to a kind woman named Bara. His mother raised him alone for six years, until she remarried. His mother was a kind and loving woman, and her love of botany and tending to a lovely rose garden was inherited by Roman, who has kept rose imagery close to his identity ever since. She later died in a horrific accident when he was ten years old. He cannot recall the details of her death, but knows that he was left in the care of his stepfather for Roman is a victim of his own magical ability -- the ability to Shift between worlds. This is an ability that one is born with, and is considered highly valuable and coveted by many in the magical universe of Arcadia. Shifting is typically triggered in all beings by a desire to be somewhere other than their current location. This usually results in the user being displaced between worlds. As a young teenager, Roman finds himself in such a position, and as a result, finds himself in the strange, bustling trading city of Khajitezan. This is where his story begins.

His mother died when he was ten years old. In the years following, he was often neglected and left alone at home, or forced to stay out of the house until late at night, when his stepfather was home and asleep. He was essentially a latchkey kid for most of that time. He didn't know why his stepfather hated him so much. Their final encounter is what triggered Roman's Shifting ability. Roman was born to a woman named Bara, a botanist with a love of roses and a rose garden she tended to daily until her death. His father, Roland Rosewood, was always referred to as a "great man" but he never knew whether he was alive or dead. He has no extended family outside of his mother, father, and stepfather. His stepfather was no replacement for a parent, and became far more distant to Roman after his mother's death. Upon meeting Theo and Etika, he learns that his father was an Arcadian named Roland Godfrey. Not too long after Roman regains most of his physical strength, he becomes more painfully aware of the crippling emotional depression and hollowness he feels. Instead of turning to those who have cared for him, he goes through a period of lashing out, where he stays out all hours of the night to lose himself in the nighttime wildlife of the city. Whether it be liquor, magical drugs, or sexual encounters, Roman indulged in as home as he wanted to, to a nearly self-destructive end. Jidenna, who had grown to love and care for Roman throughout the years, was often the target of Roman's tantrums and awful schemes. Despite Roman's outlandish behavior, often resulting in a mess to be cleaned up by the servants, Jidenna remained as strong as ever as a pillar of support. In the first year of his freedom, Roman goes through a process of deprogramming. Undoing a lot of the mental damage is a process that will last for years, but he has recovered from the Pavlovian effects that would have otherwise ruined his health completely. Roman has a tendency to avoid responsibility, especially if he isn't immediately good at picking up magic techniques from his mentors. When this happens, he tends to disappear for a bit to procrastinate. He can be found sitting atop buildings and observing the city from below, or prowling the streets of Arcadian youth, getting swept away in the lifestyle of the High Elves and various demons crowd. Alternatively, once he learns to master his Shifting ability more, he often Shifts to Ostara to spend time with his friends and get away from it all. The only issue is that sometimes, he doesn't let his allies know when he's gone, and leaves them in stress and worry.


  • He is one of the young pioneers of the newly integrated MagiNet system, a magic-based information holographic system that works similarly to the modern world's Internet/computer, and works frequently with developing MagiTech.
  • He was accepted into the University of Edelstein via scholarship at a young age, and quickly became one of its top students.
  • When his inventions gained him a large wealth, he elevated his family's status in Commerci and sent both of his younger siblings to good schools.
  • His younger brother, Enrico, is currently a student at the University of Arcadia and specializes in dark magic and demon history; they work together in tracking down Roman's captor, Thowl.
  • Despite having basic-average magic skill as a child, he was able to master a high level of combat magic and earth magic.

Skills & Abilities

  • Earthshatter | A type of combative magic fused with earth magic. It typically starts with a fist smashing to the ground and a shockwave of earth splitting and shattering towards the target enemy.
  • Earth Manipulation | Specializes in being able to move, shape, and alter large rocks and stones. He can weaponize such objects, as well as rip the earth from the ground and shape it into a shield or barrier.
  • Stone Body | A combination of the combat magic that creates a hardened, invisible shield around the user's body to protect them from extreme damage. Earth magic is fused with this magic to further strengthen the body and make all physical attacks hit like solid rocks.
  • Magitech Engineering | He is very well-versed in scientific, technological aspects of magic and infusing such energy to physical objects or holographs to create magic-powered machines and networks. His most successful creation is MagiNet, and he hopes to revolutionize prosthetics.


  • Working on existing inventions or brainstorming new things.
  • Taking apart and repurposing or rebuilding steam-powered ad mechanical gadgets.
  • Researching various subjects and keeping up to date with the latest new feeds.
  • Donating to charities, non-profit organizations, guilds, orphanages, and more.
  • Taking Roman travelling to see the world and be free.


  • Dark magic users, no matter the race. He knows it is not limited to demons, and not all demons are malicious.
  • Slavers, thieves, murderers, people who commit assault, violence or sexual.
  • Corruption of all kinds, especially in authority figures and large institutions.
  • Feeling powerless and defeated.
  • Being outsmarted or fooled in a very obvious, humiliating way.




Roman and Jidenna met on the very first night of his arrival in Arcadia, and became fast friends. Jidenna looked over Roman as much as he could for nearly a month; however, on the night that Jidenna had been approved to share his dorm with Roman, he was nowhere to be seen. He found that the demon Thowl had taken Roman captive, and has followed them ever since, in an attempt to try and rescue Roman. Jidenna trained under Evangeline's guidance to become strong enough to fight a demon, and managed to rescue Roman while losing track of Thowl in the process. After saving Roman, he helped him recover from the thrall of dark, demonic energy and instilled in him his absolute freedom and self-control. He fully supports Roman in whatever he chooses to do going forward.



Evangeline is a prominent dhampir in Astrea's major university system and had personally taught some of Jidenna's courses there. Knowing of her background as a thousand-year old cursed dhampir, he sought out her guidance in becoming stronger in magic and combat so that he could protect Roman from someone as powerful as a demon demi-god. She initially declined, but Jidenna went through as many teats as he could to prove his worth and determination to her; his training under her would last five years, and he would surpass all of her expectations. She was the first person he came to when Roman needed help.



Enrico is Jidenna's younger brother, and a rising scholar at the University of Astrea in Arcadia. He and his brother are six years apart, but they are very close and having a friendly, intellectual relationship. Jidenna likes to foster scientific curiosity and literacy in his siblings, and when he grew wealthy, made sure that they were all taken care of. Enrico specializes in the Dark Arts, including dark magic, demonic magic, dark creatures, and so on, and has provided information on how to aide Roman's magical ailments and tracking down the demon who did it.