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Roman Rosewood is a survivor of demonic corruption and a very powerful elemental mage. Born in his father’s homeland, Ghislaine, in the world of Amestris, Roman has lived a very unusual and often challenging life. His younger sister was kidnapped when he was six years old, and his mother took him to another world to hide him from enemies who wanted the Khandala’s powerful magic for their own. In order to protect him, his parents agreed to take him somewhere safe and raise him as a mundane human in another world entirely. He was given a new name and a new life, and it was all he knew for six years.

After Roman turned ten, his mother died from an incurable illness that he later learned was a poison from Amestris. His stepfather neglected him and blamed him for looking so much like his mother for two years, until Roman ran away. Scared and alone, he ran until he ended up in another world completely -- he had ‘shifted’ into another realm, leaving the mundane world behind. At first, this was a blessing. He was alone, but there was so much to explore! He even made friends with an older boy named Jidenna, a student in Astrea who looked after him for several months and was making arrangements to give him a proper place to stay. It was great, until it wasn’t. The day before Jidenna was supposed to meet him with the good news, he was approached by a tall, handsome man who treated him to a hearty meal and offered to let Roman stay with him for the night. Roman had every intention of saying no, but couldn’t -- literally couldn’t. The man had cursed whatever Roman ate, and Roman no longer had control over himself. He was spirited away by the demonic demi-god, Thowl Crowley, and there was nothing he could do.

Five years of hell later, Roman opened his eyes again for the first time in a long time. He laid eyes on Jidenna, older and stronger than he’d been five years prior. He was holding Roman in his arms, carrying him away from smoke and fire, towards light and freedom. With the help of Jidenna and his friends, Roman’s curses were broken and he began the road to recovery. Although it hasn’t been easy, Roman took back control of his life. He found the remainder of his family, his father and sister, and made many good friends along the way. He has been training for several years to become a strong and powerful mage so that he can take on the likes of Thowl Crowley and free every single innocent child he enslaved. And he won’t stop until he can free every damn slave in the world.


  • The name 'Roman' was given to him by his mother when they arrived in Ostara. She named him after her favorite Ghislandic deity, 'Rhomanie.'
  • The rose-shaped earrings and necklace he wears belonged to his mother; when she died, he put them on and never took them off.
  • The tattoo on his left arm was made after he recovered from his initial downward spiral; it's infused with rose petals to remind him of who he is.
  • Roman makes it a point to learn as many languages in Amestris as he can, so he never has to rely only on Arcani.
  • Despite the circumstances, Roman learned how to dance, sing, paint, and act from experience.
  • He likes to wear his mother's clothing and similar fashions from Langhua and Ghislaine.
  • Although he has the power to causes tremors that could break continents in half, Roman prefers nature-based earth magic to tossing rocks.


"If you can't handle me at my worst, you don't deserve me at my best."

Initially, Roman can come across as a social butterfly with a flair for drama and a desire to be the center of attention. He draws people towards him, both with his feminine looks and his naturally charismatic charm. He's witty, he's hyperbolic...and overall, he wants to be loved and praised by everyone. He's very amiable amongst groups of people, and often directs the flow of conversations. On the surface, he's the life of the party. But beneath that, his desire for attention and controlling social interactions comes from a deeper anxiety. Being illiterate in Arcadia's written language, he relies heavily on social cues out of necessity of his own survival. Despite this setback, he is very sharp, and has picked up on subtle cues in regards to reading, writing, and cultural and social norms.

The downside to Roman’s social affluence is that for a time, he tended to act in very selfish and hurtful ways. This period of time came soon after his initial recovery from the curse he’d been under, and he was determined to live his life for his own benefit and survival. The social climbing he partook in lead to making friends with the wrong crowd, people who fueled Roman’s need to be loved and praised by those around him. He would draw away from those who only had his best interests in mind, throw tantrums when he was reprimanded, and would simply disappear for days at a time just to spite them and make them worry. He never truly felt good about the way he acted, but he was spiraling out of control and wasn’t allowing himself to truly heal.

The trauma he experienced in Thowl Crowley’s thrall caused him to act out in ways he knew were destructive to himself. It took time, but eventually he sought out the people he’d tried to push away, begging them to help him. He wanted control over his life, but he felt like he was losing control all over again -- to himself.

Roman is a carefully guarded person, for good reason. He doesn’t trust easily, and his emotions are kept close except to anyone he knows and trusts. The trauma he experienced nearly ruined him, but he grew stronger despite it. He has a strong desire to help others who are still under Thowl’s thrall, and to kill the bastard so he can never harm anyone else again. Roman becomes very focused and at times stubborn when it comes to Thowl or anyone like him.



Roman practically runs on charm alone to get anything done. He is fully aware of how others find him attractive and plays on what people want to hear from him.


A skilled learned from his time as a slave, Roman is sharp and quick-witted when it comes to playing people. Although his charm plays a part in this, his wordsmithing is quite impressive. Even when he pretends he isn't paying attention, he is. Always.


Some may call it 'pig-headedness' or being stubborn as a mule, but Roman prefers...determined. While dedicated and focused on his goals, he does have a tendency to get set in his ways on how he feels about people.


A rare thing to see, Roman is very empathetic towards people who have experienced the same trauma as him. Others who have been slaves, people he wants to save and protect...he will dismantle the entirety of Hellas if he has to, in order to put a stop to it.


  • Likes

  • Rose gardens, rosewater, rosewood, rose motifs....if it looks like a rose and sounds like a rose, Roman wants it.
  • The art of calligraphy, painting, sketching, song and dance, performance art...he grew a love for these in Amestris.
  • Sitting atop a building at night and looking down at the city below.
  • Bonding with the people he has saved and watching them recover and grow, as he did.
  • Learning about his family's roots in Langhua and Ghislaine.
  • Dislikes

  • Corrupted demons who plunder and enslave innocent people. He's had to learn not to hate all demons.
  • People who try to get too close to him too quick. It takes him longer to trust those people, if it's even possible.
  • Unnecessary violence towards people who don't deserve it.
  • Being told what to do or being bossed around.
  • Not being able to read the local languages.




Rose Bloom


An inherent magical skill that allows Rance to alter and create pockets of space within objects, existing or otherwise. These spaces can hold any item, and allow the user to reach into the pocket to retrieve items at will. In this case, Rance uses this ability to alter the pockets of his coat--making them literally endless. Any weapon he needs is within reach in seconds.

Thorn's Revenge


A magic skill that sits within an onyx ring on his finger; a family heirloom, inherited by him in his family's demise. The skill allows him to manifest shadows that mask his appearance and make him practically invisible. The shadows can be manipulated to attack targets and suffocate them, but he prefers to use it for stealth.

Earth Magic


He is innately drawn to earth magic and inherited a strong wealth of magic from his parents, much like his sister Evitel. Although he can manipulate to earth quite well, he tends to use plants and flowers to his advantage.




Roman was born in Eastern Ostara to a kind woman named Bara. His mother raised him alone for six years, until she remarried. His mother was a kind and loving woman, and her love of botany and tending to a lovely rose garden was inherited by Roman, who has kept rose imagery close to his identity ever since. She later died in a horrific accident when he was ten years old. He cannot recall the details of her death, but knows that he was left in the care of his stepfather for Roman is a victim of his own magical ability -- the ability to Shift between worlds. This is an ability that one is born with, and is considered highly valuable and coveted by many in the magical universe of Arcadia. Shifting is typically triggered in all beings by a desire to be somewhere other than their current location. This usually results in the user being displaced between worlds. As a young teenager, Roman finds himself in such a position, and as a result, finds himself in the strange, bustling trading city of Khajitezan. This is where his story begins.

His mother died when he was ten years old. In the years following, he was often neglected and left alone at home, or forced to stay out of the house until late at night, when his stepfather was home and asleep. He was essentially a latchkey kid for most of that time. He didn't know why his stepfather hated him so much. Their final encounter is what triggered Roman's Shifting ability. Roman was born to a woman named Bara, a botanist with a love of roses and a rose garden she tended to daily until her death. His father, Roland Rosewood, was always referred to as a "great man" but he never knew whether he was alive or dead. He has no extended family outside of his mother, father, and stepfather. His stepfather was no replacement for a parent, and became far more distant to Roman after his mother's death. Upon meeting Theo and Etika, he learns that his father was an Arcadian named Roland Godfrey. Not too long after Roman regains most of his physical strength, he becomes more painfully aware of the crippling emotional depression and hollowness he feels. Instead of turning to those who have cared for him, he goes through a period of lashing out, where he stays out all hours of the night to lose himself in the nighttime wildlife of the city. Whether it be liquor, magical drugs, or sexual encounters, Roman indulged in as home as he wanted to, to a nearly self-destructive end. Jidenna, who had grown to love and care for Roman throughout the years, was often the target of Roman's tantrums and awful schemes. Despite Roman's outlandish behavior, often resulting in a mess to be cleaned up by the servants, Jidenna remained as strong as ever as a pillar of support. In the first year of his freedom, Roman goes through a process of deprogramming. Undoing a lot of the mental damage is a process that will last for years, but he has recovered from the Pavlovian effects that would have otherwise ruined his health completely. Roman has a tendency to avoid responsibility, especially if he isn't immediately good at picking up magic techniques from his mentors. When this happens, he tends to disappear for a bit to procrastinate. He can be found sitting atop buildings and observing the city from below, or prowling the streets of Arcadian youth, getting swept away in the lifestyle of the High Elves and various demons crowd. Alternatively, once he learns to master his Shifting ability more, he often Shifts to Ostara to spend time with his friends and get away from it all. The only issue is that sometimes, he doesn't let his allies know when he's gone, and leaves them in stress and worry.

The Aftermath

He was thirteen when the attack happened; five years passed, with the estate in pristine condition and protected by strong magic wards and his own personal guard of assassins. During that time, he traveled to the Red Desert, to find information on who had sent the attack; no one would tell him, no matter how high the price. He ended up paying them to teach him how to fight; with daggers, with poisons, and with magic. The riddle his father have given him before his death turned out to be something only he and his family would know, and he soon discovered the will his father had left in his care in case of an attack like the one they'd endured. In it, he inherited a family heirloom, an onyx ring made from Blackstone itself. It was infused with magical energy, giving him shadow-based magic where he previously had none.

Contuining On

Currently, Rance is traveling through the countries of Khanador, Cerilune, and Genova, for two different reasons: to aid the poor in various cities, and to conduct business with traders, merchants, and other company owners to strengthen his power. While aiding those in poverty, he helps to rebuild, resupply, or reorganize villages, towns, cities, or any kind of community that is living in poor conditions as a direct result of the wealth in the area that siphons resources from them. At night, sometimes weeks after he's officially taken his leave, he sneaks into the homes of each offending noble responsible to steal money, gold, jewels, or any precious material items in their possession, places it into a pocket dimension only he can access, and then redistributes the wealth equally among the people, in hopes that they will prosper. In order to keep suspicion away from him, he often uses various slow-moving poisons to throw off the timing of murders, sometimes months apart or the very same night. Research ahead of time allows for him to determine who is innocent and clean with their money, and who isn't. He has been doing this for five years, after his year of training with the assassins, and has remained undiscovered. They call him the Phantom Thief, as he leaves behind no trace, and no one ever hears him coming.





Roman and Jidenna met on the very first night of his arrival in Arcadia, and became fast friends. Jidenna looked over Roman as much as he could for nearly a month; however, on the night that Jidenna had been approved to share his dorm with Roman, he was nowhere to be seen. He found that the demon Thowl had taken Roman captive, and has followed them ever since, in an attempt to try and rescue Roman. Jidenna trained under Evangeline's guidance to become strong enough to fight a demon, and managed to rescue Roman while losing track of Thowl in the process. After saving Roman, he helped him recover from the thrall of dark, demonic energy and instilled in him his absolute freedom and self-control. He fully supports Roman in whatever he chooses to do going forward.




Evangeline had ties with the Candor family for centuries, and has been a close ally of Rance and Wolfram ever since they sought her out in Arcadia. She helps provide illusion spells for Rance and Wolfram, as well as relay any information regarding movements in the demonic realm, known corruption in various parts of the world, and more. She has also helped him master Shadow magic as a non-magic user, relying on potions, summoning, conjuring, and spellwork.




Evangeline is a prominent dhampir in Astrea's major university system and had personally taught some of Jidenna's courses there. Knowing of her background as a thousand-year old cursed dhampir, he sought out her guidance in becoming stronger in magic and combat so that he could protect Roman from someone as powerful as a demon demi-god. She initially declined, but Jidenna went through as many teats as he could to prove his worth and determination to her; his training under her would last five years, and he would surpass all of her expectations. She was the first person he came to when Roman needed help.


Hair color
Dark brown
Hair style
Long, wavy
  • She has beauty mark on the outer corner of her left eye.
  • Her nails are painted a maroon color.
  • She wears golden jewellry and piercings.




Ghost - Ashes

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Song title

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