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domestic cat
January 25, 2011


Bienie is friendly, introverted and gentle. They can often be found lost in daydreams or zoned out, not paying attention to any conversation around them. It takes a lot of effort for them to engage, and sometimes they have a hard time mingling with others. Friendships do not come to them easily. Bienie has a hard time voicing disagreement and does better in written conversations than spoken, for it takes time for them to put their thoughts into coherent sentences. Generally, they have a fairly passive stance in life, finding it hard to act quickly even when they have a plan in mind. They get overwhelmed easily, and find it hard to divide their time or focus. This sometimes means that when they have too much on their plate, they panic and get nothing done. Bienie does not like being in leadership positions or taking charge, preferring the certainty of knowing what to do and following orders. They feel happiest when they're occupied with something. They are a caring friend and partner, but they prefer to have only a few close friendships or to have interactions in smaller, familiar groups rather than in big groups or one on one. It is very easy to drain them socially, and they find some people more tiring to interact with than others. While Bienie doesn't want to be alone constantly, they need alone moments on a regular basis or they become irritable. They feel safest when they have their own little space to retreat to when they need it. They are incredibly loyal to their closest people.


Likes all things nature, lighthouses, water, animals, literature and reading, walks, bike rides, wandering around and exploring, certain video games (Life is Strange, Pokémon, Stardew Valley, Animal Crossing, Night In The Woods), tea, sushi, spaghetti, various kinds of music.

Dislikes alcohol and drugs, raisins, bacon, board games, violence and rough physical contact, being around people for too long, leadership positions.

Characters marked with a ★ are primary relationships. Feel free to draw them together!

★ Kyo 🐝 Best friend. Brother in meat feet.
★ Lukas 🦋 Best friend. Co-sir.
★ Roxi 🍃 Companion.
Jasper 🔪 Close friend. Utter shitposting duo.
Sunkisst ☀️ Close friend.
Meg 🍂 Close friend. Similar vibes.
Dog 🐕 Friend. Fellow lover of rabbits.
Kicaeo 🐊 Friend. Long time pal.
Blaze 🦊 Friend. Elemental buddy.

Physical description

  • The current up to date reference sheet with design notes can be found here.
  • Bienie is a domestic cat, and is sized as such. They are on the small end of average for a cat.
  • Design-wise they are symmetrical in markings. The order and placement of markings are not random. The forehead tuft is preferred as well!
  • Their main accessory is the bandana. It's optional, but preferred!
  • Androgynous looks. Doesn't wear make-up, doesn't have feminine eyelashes.
  • Flat-chested in anthro. If anthro, I prefer to have them drawn clothed.
  • They have a serval AU design, which is essentially the same design, but the stripes are lines of spots, and extra lines of spots are added (plus ear markings and a few dots around the eyes).
  • You're welcome to draw Bienie anytime! You can even include your own characters. Please do not draw NSFW of them.
  • You cannot use Bienie in your story unless it's an AU that I agreed to!


  • While I had characters that represented me in some way before, Bienie was my first attempt at making a proper fursona while understanding what a fursona is. They have always been my main fursona.

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