4 years, 7 months ago


Uja Rook
synthetic / male / adult / YOU-ja

Height 6'2"
Physique broad
Birthday August 7
Occupation odd jobs
Forever on the run--not really his fault, but what can you do? A stern, hardworking fellow who's had most of the fun sapped out of him by this uncaring universe, now living out of a fast ship and trying to figure out what to do next. Definitely not human, despite all appearances, but will do anything to avoid detection of that fact as he flees human-controlled BLUFED space with his two charges in tow.

  its-complicated Mavere
The heinous trickster to Uja's practical serviceman. Mavere seems to delight in annoying him, but .... well, seven years spent getting Mavere back means Uja refuses to be parted with him. They could really use some marriage counseling, though.

  guardian (?) Panzer
When Uja said to Mavere "you have to do something about that new-race situation", he didn't mean picking one of them up to tote across the galaxy. This little angel is terribly depressed, but what is Uja supposed to do about that....?