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35915955_S7sZwX3iUJpKLbH.pngArgile - 19 - She/Her - 5'9

DoB: Feb 23rd, 1977


Argile was an aspiring Sea Hunter who took part in the 1996, 284th Hunter Exam. A dream to have never been realized as her subsequent failure during this test causes her to pass away. 

Originally having taken the exam at the age of 18 she fails the first phase of the 1995, 283rd Hunter Exam. Argile after which took a year to train and further hone her skills. During this time she became quite adept physically especially in regards to athletics and swimming. Although with this training she greatly lacked real world experience even when she had the knowledge she did not carry the wisdom. Her greatest weakness also lied within her heart as it was soft and was not prepared for the vicious nature of other examiners. 

Her ultimate dream was to become a sea hunter.
Wanting so badly to explore the vast expanses of the deep ocean specifically and to hopefully create settlements under the water. This was in order to better research life in the ocean as well as reach the expanses of humankind further and beyond.

Argile had a hardy and bubbly nature about her always lending out a hand to those in need even if it was not always in the most graceful manner. She always carried good intent in her heart which most people could feel emanating from her exterior, bright cheery smiles and a comforting bold voice.