Nezu (Nezu (Sk8 Infinity AU))



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real name β–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆ

age 17

gender Male (FtM)

orientation demisexual

height 154cm

universe SK8 the Infinity

Occupation highschooler


"Academically outstanding, unlike his social smarts."

Nezu is a happy-go-lucky dude who faceplants into every 3rd wall as a hidden talent. Somehow, he has never landed in the hospital because of it. Not yet, at least...

  • customizing his board's design
  • his homie Ame
  • lip piercings and earrings
  • a certain pop idol called "Miku"
  • cheese (irrational fear)
  • every form of phone calling
  • cheap clip ons from Am*zon
  • mainstream anime/manga
Design Notes
  • Eyes grey/black with white pupil
  • Lip piercings (snake bites) are rings or pearls
  • Ears always heavily pierced (customizable)
who dis fast boi?

Nezu has grown up as a single child of a wealthy business corporation, which has earned its success by manufacturing microchips. With both of his parents absent for most of his childood, Nezu has learned to take care for himself, both to his advantage of being independant and disadvantage, missing a true rolemodel in his life. Despite his rather lonely upbringing, and only a part time Nanny to look after him every 2 days, he worked quite hard to keep himself busy and alive. From an early age, cooking for himself and passing time by studying at home was all that Nezu knew.

"Pretty monotone, if you ask me."

That was his life up until Nezu switched from homeschooling to a public highschool. Exploring the new outside world was intimidating at first, but that soon faded when his excellent grades and interest in track and field besides his skateboarding hobby gave him a status to hold onto. In fact, he overdid it to his highschool's standards that his classmates started to become intimidated by Nezu himself. Most of the students knew him by his title, rather than his person.

"So what?"

Being on your own isn't so bad after all. Part of the reason why Nezu is so care free in his thinking, since nothing beats all the time he got to himself figuring himself out. Sure, he may act self entitled around people his age, but talking about himself is the only thing he's 100% sure about. And no one can convince him otherwise.


Ame Best Broski (secret crush)

"Kiss yo homies goodnight."

Ame is actually one of his few closest friends from the very beginning of his high school life. Maybe it's because both of them were under the top 10 of the school, but it made it easier for Nezu to have someone to pester during lunch break. You gotta start somewhere, right?

They've gotten even closer when they coincidentally met eachother outside of school at the local skate park. Now, it's been a couple of years, and Nezu can't really sit still around Ame.


Minseok Friend

"Chocomin! Minmin!"

A skater Nezu got to meet randomly at the skate park. Gets treated like a bebe, but Nezu doesn't mind. That's what's been missing in his childhood anyway.

Nezu tries really hard to copy his dance moves whenever he gets the chance to. Even if it means embarassing Minmin in public.


Eito Friend

"Natsu jiji!"

Eito and Nezu met through the help of Minmin at an "S" event. Even though Nezu lost by default, slipping off track into the rocky walls at a sharp turn, they promised to race eachother another time again.

Or rather, that's what Nezu has been bugging Eito to do ever since.