Prince Scratcher



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'I'm really getting fucking sick and tired of you constantly preventing me from infecting cells!'

-Prince Scratcher gets mad at Prince Meech-

Name: Scratcher
Type: Virus
Species: SARS-CoV-2 (coronavirus)
Variant: 20A
Disease: COVID-19
Rank: dfdldkw-bba95e4a-4995-4e3e-b2b6-9d1e06c4Lead-Heir

Pack (named after human-host): Murray Pack
Gender: Male (He/Him)
Orientation: df9v83f-f13b1128-8120-4ab6-a896-f6ffcf08 bisexual

Age: 12 days (around 20 in human years)
D.O.B: April 25, 2020
P.O.B: Nashville, Tennessee (USA)
Personality: Mean, arrogant, bossy, somewhat self-centered, clever, sadistic, cowardly
Family: Cody (husband, non-canon), Matthias (father), Brooke (older brother), Meech (younger brother), Caesar, Umbra, Tiberius and Caligula (sons), Vasiliy and Vladimir (nephews), Vesuvius and Etna (grand-uncles), Loki (grandfather), Lucius (great-grandfather), Balthazar (great-great-great-grandfather), other virions
Likes: Cody, Matthias, Brooke, being pretty, infecting or killing cells, being the future King, cleaning his fur, pups
Dislikes: Meech, humans, alcohol disinfectants, soap, immune cells, his fur being messed op, getting disturbed while infecting a cell
Affiliation: Evil
Status: Alive
Based On: Andalusian hound (podenco andaluz), the sun/solar eclipse, snake, 
Marchosias (demon)
Appears In: Virus Attack, Scratcher Finds Some Love
Created By: Tat'yana Sippy

Prince Scratcher is one of my most favorite characters, and one of the main antagonists of Virus Attack.
Prince Scratcher is the Lead-Heir of a large pack of SARS-CoV-2 virus. He'll be the next king, in case his father would die. Scratcher is somewhat feminine and he likes to clean his fur a lot. He is a bully, but he can be a coward when he's surrounded by too many immune cells. He has a very close bond with his older brother, Brooke. The two are often seen being together. When Scratcher is bullying Meech, Brooke usually follows him. Though, Scratcher can be cunning, Brooke is the one that has more common sense, and sometimes he tries to stop Scratcher from doing something stupid or bad.


● In the early development of Virus Attack, Scratcher was actually going to be a female, named Princess Indira. I changed his gender, when I decided that SARS-CoV-2 should be an all male species. His design however, stayed the same as the female version, but with a few changes. This is why he looks somewhat feminine.

● He's 114 nanometer in size.

● Scratcher was the first LGBT character that I've ever created. I originally wanted him to be homosexual, but because only female cells were able to be infected at that time, and an another virion doesn't want to infect cells either, I decided to make him bisexual. Later, I decided that also male cells can be infected, but now, I just like him as an bisexual character.

●  Scratcher often says  'Uhg, fine...' or just 'Ugh' to show his displeasure.

●  He has anger issues, and though it (luckily)rarily happens, he's able to get into a full 'rabies-like' blind rage. He even attacks his father when he has a blind rage attack. It's not known what exactly causes this rage, but it might be neurological, even epileptic, and triggered by already too much present anger .

● Scratcher is based on the sun; his cheek and chestfur and the fur around his neck resemble flames, similar to the sun's flames on some celestial artworks. And the fact that his fur is black is because he's also based on a solar eclipse. Solar eclipses were considered to be bad omens in ancient times, as they were said to bring death, destruction, bad luck etc, which is quite fitting for a deadly virus as well.

● Spiritually, I associate Scratcher with the fire element, red colors and roses. Fire because of his resemblance of the sun and because he's able to get so angered that he eventually goes into a full fiery rage mode (which happens rarily, though). Red colors because of his fierceness and strong passion for infection and roses because they're beautiful but thorny; Scratcher is a pretty virion but very dangerous.

● Scratcher reminds me of ancient Egypt somehow, probably because of the fact that it looks like he's wearing eyeliner and because of his long eyelashes, and he was originally intended to be based on an ancient Egyptian dog breed, called  Tesem. But... I decided to make him based on an Andalusian hound instead (a modern day Spanish breed, which strongly resembles a Tesem anyway). I also still like to draw him with Egyptian jewelry now and then XD

● He speaks with the voice of Brad Dourif and with a Tennessee accent.