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  Declan Minami 

A by PaperTsubaki
❥ Name: Declan Minami

❥ Birthday: November 12th 1991

❥ Marital Status: Single

❥ Nationality: Japanese / Korean, French

❥ Sexuality: Anything that moves (Actually Bisexual)
❥ Favourite food:  French Baked Brie

❥ Hobby:  Flirting

❥ Family: Luna Minami (Sister), Natsu Yoshida (Estranged Brother), Unknown Parents, Unnamed Foster Family

❥ Lineage: Dhampir (Upper-class)



Luna and Declan were raised by vampire hunters after their family abandonded them. He was an upper-class Dhampir (half-human, half-vampire).
He loves his sister a lot.
Luna and Declan were eventually taken in by a bunch of Misfits before Luna moved to her own apartment. There he met the Takenawas among others and grew close with Yuri, Hazel and Sho but treats each of the boys like his own family.

When Chai joined the family, Declan started out strong by inviting her to sleep in his room with him to which she brutally denied. As the time went on she reluctantly trusted him, wondering which part of him was the real deal. As the two grew closer as friends Chai started to fall in love with Declan too even though his feelings felt unrequited.

No matter where he may be, Declan will flirt with whoever he can find just as long as they’re breathing. He’s appears to be very charming and friendly, even reliable when you first meet him. While his friendly exterior isn’t exactly a façade, simply telling him that he’s wrong can escalate his anger to threatening levels rather quickly. Plain and simple, Declan is willing to inflict harm in order to get his way and enjoys doing so, but he has a humane side to him that make him want to protect the things he cares about.
When he finds reason to be, he becomes cruel and chaotic, making it impossible to control or calm him from his manic highs. Luna often has to intervene to bring him down again.

Even though he enjoys controlling and manipulating, he shares a deep bond with his sister and he grows protective and kind the more he gets to know someone.

  • He'll flirt with anyone but he's either canon with Chai or Sho.

  • [NSFW] No one can disturb Declan while he's on a date, but if Luna shows up at his door, he'll kick his partner out faster than Luna can react to the scene, throwing their clothes after them and locking his apartment door.

  • Declan adapts to his partner. He has no sexual preference, and just finds himself wanting whoever will put out

  • Declan hasn't experienced romantic attachment, and rarely feels attachment to anything at all except for Luna. If he were to fall in love, he would put himself through hell to try to figure out what he's feeling.

  • When he starts to fall in love with Chai he openly begins to recognize her beliefs even if they differ from his. He respects her views and tries to make her feel better by humoring her.

  • Declan would rather be in an open relationship and historically has been careless about how others felt in a relationship as long as he got what he wanted.

  • Declan was diagnosed with borderline anti-social personality disorder. Though he can experience attachment and emotions, it's very difficult for him

  • Declan doesn't beleive in much of anything: love, religion, people... So when confronted with bible verses he tends to clap back.

    "Thou shall not covet thy neighbor's wife!"
    "That's fine, I'll covet her husband instead."
    [tw] "Man should not lie with man!!"
    [NSFW] "I won't lie then. Lots of kneeling though."


Making dirty jokes

Fried Chicken
❥ Veggies

❥ Textures like apple sauce


"あれあれあれ~?どうしたの?あそ。俺は意地悪ですね?きみのせいよ。君は俺の心を盗んでいった。めんどくさい ですね。"
a very loose / bad translation of his English lines.
Luna Minami
Relation: Sister

Declan and Luna are close. She calls him out when he says something dumb and has her friends' back against her brother. Even though they have their conflicts, they would die for each other. The two regularly stargaze and Luna made them matching star-shaped plushies (Hers is named piffles). The star plush is Declans (secret) treasure.
Relation: Romantic Interest

Chai and Declan are off to a rough start when he invites her to his room within seconds of meeting her. Chai the straight edge good girl brutally rejects him. Declan lets his guard down around Chai but she still is uncertain and has trouble trusting him. Her intuition says he's a good person but on the surface she can't stand him. 
As Declan and Chai grow closer as she makes a desperate attempt to uncover what he's hiding and slowly begins to fall in love with him. Watching him be with someone else tears her apart and Declan makes sure she sees every minute. to see her cute jealous expresison