Quincy Beaumier



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Basic Info


Quincy Beaumier, Eyewitness (nickname/codename)








188 cm


Homosexual homoflexible










Secret agent


An agent from a secret organization in a futuristic setting. He lost his left eye in a mission, and it was replaced with experimental technology.

quincy_by_ghostmara-dbt11h7.png██ APPEARANCE   ██████████████████  

He’s a tall blond man with fair skin and light grey eyes (sometimes look green, sometimes look blue). He has three moles below his left eye (only two are natural, the middle one is actually there for his fake eye). He has wide shoulders and a wide chest, but not a very wide back. He has strong arms and legs and is notably fit. He wears his hair in a manbun, it’s shaved at the sides and he has one tiny braid at the side of his bun. Untied, his hair reaches his armpits.

He wears a black suit at work, and he’s at work most of the time. Whenever he’s not, he wears casual sports clothes.

██ PERSONALITY   ██████████████████  

Quincy is a serious looking man, often looking cold and distant on a first impression. While he’s rather quiet, he’s really not that cold towards people and enjoys establishing friendships and listening to others. He’s very perceptive of people and things, pretty good with words when necessary. He wants to do the right thing and it’s hard for him to overlook injustice. 

He used to be very exigent of people, especially those in power, in how they used their abilities to help people. Due to have been working on such a powerful organization, he’s realized that many things aren’t as easy as he thought, no matter how powerful you can be, and this helped him have a more mature mindset. He’ll still naturally have high standards for himself and those who genuinely want to help. He figures, if you really want to do something, then you should at least seem like you’re trying. He follows the rules when he thinks they exist for a reason, but will judge people on what he personally can perceive so he doesn’t really dislike those who don’t play by the law for reasons other than being evil, because he believes authorities should do a better job on the reason why those people do that to begin with.

Regarding interpersonal relationships, he does keep a distance from people. He’s used to being considered good looking thus is fairly confident of his looks, but emotionally not so much. He’s been closed off due to past experiences and has been very focused on his job, so even if he has good relationships with people, he rarely talks about his feelings. He knows how to identify what he feels, but he’s putting that aside for a while so it’s a little weird now.  

His sense of humor tends to surprise others; he’ll chuckle at many different types of jokes even though he himself doesn’t make many. He can be cheeky with those he’s comfortable with, and even somewhat mischievous, but doesn’t really enjoy going out of his way to bother people. 

He’s a bit of a perfectionist. He likes feeling physically healthy and is very active and takes care of his body a lot. He doesn’t get to an extreme, he just follows a certain healthy ideology that makes him feel comfortable and positive.

██ POWERS&ABILITIES   ██████████████████                

He’s very strong and can be very stealthy. He has trained with many different types of technology and is very good at handling it. He comprehends how things work very quickly. He’s also just a little bit above average human health as the organization (& his current society) develops organic physical boosters. He considers them as some sort of medicine+vitamins and knows they’re not detrimental in any way (as long as he doesn’t stop being active, which he has no problems with).

During his job at the organization, he was never one of the most important agents. In fact, he was always doing support work at missions and that was alright. It was after he lost his left eye that he was promoted to a main agent. It hasn’t been a lot of time since he’s one, but things aren’t too different for him. Nonetheless, he’s not used to have a protagonic role in missions.

He prefers to use small guns and the organization’s devices. He has all sort of gadgets installed in his suit. He also has impressive aim.

Eyewitness aka his fake eye

He’s got that nickname because in this futuristic society, everything has evolved to detect cameras and any electronic stuff at certain places, the exact kind of places agents might need to get into. The technology behind Quincy’s eye is almost entirely biological, the electronic parts are very carefully concealed. It can snap photos, stream video directly from Quincy’s point of view and an array of other useful things. It follows the path of his right eye seamlessly as it’s connected to contact lenses he wears and the fake mole he has. He can see and browse through the interface of his left eye through his right eye.

The way his fake eye works is through a specific code he enters by gently touching the back of one of his upper fangs with his lower fang the appropriate number of times.

In theory he’s able to see through his fake eye, but it gave him an immense amount of pain and dizziness the first time he tried, so he prefers not to.

He can also give certain messages and signals, as well as receiving the same information, gps, complex maps, and several other functionalities.

Stealth magic

After the dimensional rift and the alliance with the rogues, both sides started training in each other’s tools of the trade. Quincy knows very basic stuff, enough to get him out of a dangerous magical situation, but he doesn’t know anything specific and it’s not in his first instinct to use it.

██ BACKSTORY   ██████████████████   

He lives in a futuristic society, around 60-70 years into the future (so, 2070s-2080s). The international community came to an agreement and since a couple of centuries there’s this very ecological and healthy motif, everything that’s developed is a mixture of artificial and natural. Earth has been as peaceful as it can get.

He had a pretty average childhood and teenage life, he has married parents and a little sister (born when he was around 14 years old). His social status was very wavering, and he had the opportunity to witness some of the horrible things that were still happening in the world. He grew up very oblivious until it hit him, and the shock was so frustrating he took the attitude of an activist despite being only a teenager.

Though his heart was in the right place, he became quite violent in his ways, and his looks and determination drew his classmates to him.

He didn’t do anything drastic, he was a nuisance at worst, but in an unrelated event, part of this secret organization proceeded with a mission in his city. Quincy discovered one of the agents, and immediately knew what they were doing. Or… At least assumed, since he was so focused on what he was doing, he was upset at them and couldn’t believe these kinds of organizations only cared about their own interests and never about the people.

Despite this, he caught himself helping the agent instead of running away in a difficult situation, and this helped him earn the agent’s trust, and a job offer. He denied it at first despite being jokingly told that they would have to wipe his memory because he ‘saw too much’ (the organization did have that policy, but luckily the agent that Quincy met didn’t agree with that). However, a couple of years later as he graduated high school he seeked the job offer without expecting much, but he was accepted very quickly.

He wasn’t exactly outstanding at first, but he totally fit the bill for the job. He went to a special course, and worked in a very non-protagonic role for many years. As he got used to the job and his team, he showed more impressive abilities and very interesting input for certain plans and situations, as well as good improvising and coordination in a hurry.

After a mission to infiltrate, he along with the rest of his team proceeded as always, but fell into a trap. His impressive abilities helped him get out of it alive, but he lost an eye in the process.

There’s very high quality medical care in the organization, and wounds (even lethal ones) are common and easy to heal with very few scars. They couldn’t heal his eye however, though it may have had to do with him signing an odd procedure he didn’t stop to read in the annoyance of losing an eye.

He got used to it quite easily, and got a decent fake eye for a while. Except that around a year later, at his second fitting, they gave him the eye he has now- a very technological and useful fake eye.

At the time he didn’t even realize they were putting special technology in his eye until they started putting it everywhere else. He wasn’t aware he was going to be an eye-borg, so it threw him off big time, until they explained to him that he signed the paper that gave them permission to do so. Despite being a little pissed off about how vague all of that was, he accepted the procedure ‘till the end. It took him a couple of months to get used to its system, and he was assigned very special tasks that involved infiltrating certain places to get pictures and video of them, especially to identify faces and important items.

It was around that time that the dimensional rift opened; a rift to another world that the organization quickly came to cover up as they didn’t know what it was at first. The first couple of interactions were rocky and a little aggressive, but soon enough they could communicate with this race and be able to explore their world. Their society and technology reminisces of human medieval times, except that they were able to employ a magical energy. It turned out that basically the parallel to this organization was a community of rogues that did shady work but also defended their country as an almost organized military if needed.

And this was the case, as the rogues were starting to be invaded by another race who seeked to reach Earth. This motivated an alliance between the human organization and the rogues, and they quickly trained each other in their tools of the trade.

After around 6 months of training and getting to know this new race, Quincy was assigned a rogue partner.

Weirded out that he had a partner, considering he’s only had teams and not a fixed partner, made him curious and he received the news that he was promoted to a higher rank.

While he’s never liked how the organization didn’t give him a heads up on anything, it was quite flattering of them, no matter how risky the new job is. He’s been ready for that all his life, anyway. In fact, he’s totally not the same kid who was hired at first, while he’s still firm and good willed, he knows not even the strongest power can fix all of Earth’s problems. Doesn’t stop him from trying, but he doesn’t hold such a high standard anymore.

So, now that they have this extraordinary situation, there are a lot of emotions going on. It’s not the first time he and the rest of his group deal with odd circumstances, but it is his first time dealing with magic, let alone accepting it exists.

And it all will start when he meets his new partner, Chanda Narang.

██ OTHER   ██████████████████   

  • His left eye looks and feels extremely real, down to the way it moves along with his other eye. Except that, if he gets really surprised, his left eyelid won’t raise as much as the right one.
  • Has emetophobia, which is another reason why he doesn’t like to ‘see’ through his left eye, as the dizziness eventually makes him want to puke. He can stand being near someone who's puking but would strongly prefer not to.
  • His favorite food is shawarma. He likes bitter flavors.
  • Likes his morning smoothie very fancy with very international flavors. It’s part of the healthycore aesthetic he’s got going on.
  • Another nickname his group gave him after he got his new eye was ‘Ellipsis’ because of the three dots under his eye.
  • He wanted to be a cop when he was younger. He now assumes it wouldn’t be much different, and that his current job is more exciting. 
  • Keeps in contact with his family, but doesn’t let them know exactly what kind of job he does. They believe he’s more like a security guard for some company.
  • Current technology uses neural network to edit all instances of any of the agent’s faces on the internet. It passes as being very non photogenic, and not a lot of people notice, but it throws off face recognition software.
  • He has an apartment financed by the organization, though he travels pretty often for different missions and they’ve got diverse rooms he can stay in all over the world.
  • Vapes. It’s a non-detrimental substance that, still, follows the healthycore aesthetic he’s got going on. He doesn’t do it at work or in crowded places.
  • Got into an abusive relationship once that closed him off from intimate relationships, though he doesn’t identify what happened to him as abusive. He regards it more like a mistake that he doesn’t want to make again.
  • Enjoys his work environment, the organization is big enough that they have several groups and he’s had the fortune of being in a very homey one. It’s easy for him to become friends with most of them, from the newer, younger agents to the nice old ladies from medical resources.
  • He can't do this 👀 he has to turn. I draw my characters a lot doing that but guess not with this one HUH.