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Hiya, and welcome to my TH!! 

Names Taylor, I go by Petals here! I am a self taught artist! I do take commissions, but only a few at a time, otherwise I am more into trading art for art! As you can see by my folders, I adore the equine species in many forms and the occasional wolfie beast! I love to horde lots of beans, and get attached easily! 

•Viking themed anything is my life!

Food for thought before running into my folders: 

•please do not reference or copy any of my characters designs. I or someone else has put hours into them, and that is rude and very disrespectful. If you wish to have a character of yours related to any of mine, inbox me first to see if that is alright. I don’t take lightly to copying and then claiming they are related. You must get it approved beforehand. 

•Do not trace/copy or steal any of my work or lines. 

•Please message me with any questions! 

•Fanart is always accepted!! 🖤

~Of Burning Petals

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