this is so helpful tysm!

thank you so much for this, my art has a whole different feel when i color in the lineart like this and like your lineart and shading and the color scheme is so soft vnsmnv tyvm again

Are you ever going to do another one like this but with a shading tutorial as well :0?

I would do one for shading if I knew what I was doing lol, my shading usually doesn't turn out well rip. 

Ah okay Tysm ! 

aaa ty for this!!! deff trying it

I'm the 1000 favorite>:) I have power

thank u oh my god whenever i line my stuff it always looks so god damn weird ;;

Tysm! Btw, what brushes n program you use?


Thanks for the tutorial! I will try it out! n.n

Thank youuuu!! QwQ 

AA tysm for doing this! I'll definitely try it out!<3


yis \qwp/