Gage Matalic



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 Gage Matalic


❥ Name: Gage Falcon Takarama Matalic

❥ Age: 6

❥ Birthday: May 20th, 2012

❥ Ethnicity: Japanese/Caucasian (Father), Mixed (Mother)

❥ Birthplace: The Mansion

❥ Race: Human (Potential Vampire)


                                  💛Bio + Personality💚                

 When Roxie was seventeen, she got married for the first time and found out she was pregnant in October of that year with Gage after planning with Aimee. She had begun exhibiting signs of her bipolar disorder for the first time and had severe depression as her pregnancy progressed. Theunsteady climate of the household caused her to be under surveilance by her boys and Roxie began to feel like she was a burden on everyone she loved. After Gage was born, her health improved greatly and she began to realize that he was the reason she wanted to live from thereon out.

When Gage grew up to speaking age, he would go around to women and flatter them, Roxie often having to explain that he's as much of a charmer as she and her husband were as teenagers. As he got older, Roxie began to spend time with Gage, singing with him and taking him to school. Gage started school in September 2017 and was quick to make friends, much like his father. 



Roxie Matalic

Relation: Mother
Gage is Roxie's first child and her proclaimed meaning to her life. The two are best friends and sing together often, but even moreso he's able to get away with a lot more with his mother rather than any of his dads. Gage is somehow connected to Roxie emotionally to the point where both of them share emotions, even when apart. Because of her anxiety and bipolar, Roxie began taking medication to avoid Gage having the same feelings she did.



✨ Father(s)

Relation: Fathers
Due to Roxie's polyandry, Gage has multiple fathers his biological father and him sometimes clash because they're alike, but he gets along with all of them. Due to Gage's political nature, he's often able to get his way without them getting angry, but not as easily as it is with his mother, who spoils him and his siblings.



✨ Rye + Ash Matalic

Relation: Younger brother and sister
Unlike the rest of the kids, Gage doesn't remember a time before Rye and Ash were in his life. He's really close with both of them, often comforting Rye when she has a nightmare. He often spends time in their rooms with them and refuses to let them be separate from him through the day. As Gage goes to school, he's always careful to leave his special teddy for Rye to hug so she doesn't get lonely when he's gone.


✨ Yuuki + Sapphire Matalic

Relation: Younger sisters
Born in 2015, Gage was introduced to his little sisters and was quick to bond with them. Sapphire in particular is very close to Gage. She began to call him by name before any other sibling. Gage sometimes hears them crying and is the first one in the room to comfort them before his parents can even register what's happening.


✨ Afanasy

Relation: Cousin
Gage and Affy get along particularly well, though Affy was the first nephew which Roxie was jealous of. Afanasy plays well with Gage but Gage is vaguely aware of his mother's feelings towards her brother leaving Affy and Radience with Aimee instead of fighting for custody.



✨ Tom, Max, Brandon, Jake, Michael Matalic

Tom Matalic by PaperTsubaki
Relation: Uncles
Gage has a good relationships with Roxies brothers as well as her in-laws, giving them fathers day tees with "Best uncles" and his handprints. Gage loves his uncles very much.