Hotaru (蛍)



1 year, 6 months ago


 Nickame  ”firefly”
 Age  19
 Gender  female
 Pronouns  she/her
 Birthday  may 6th
 Voice  info
 Theme  info

 Species  beast type monster
 Height  n/a
 Orientation  pansexual 
 Occupation  bounty hunter/nurse
 Home  Kichi’s apartment
 R.status  (currently) single
 L.status  Alive
  • making friends 
  • ramen 
  • flowers 
  • Butterscotch 
  • Kichi 


Physical Description: 

Hotaru is a tan and brown, semi-skinny cat with heterochromia. She has a third eye that is usually covered up by her fluff of hair on the top of her head. Her third eye is a mix of her two normal eye colors, she can see out of it.
She sometimes wears a small bag/backpack that she uses to carry around medical supplies and weapons later in the series. 


Hotaru is very optimistic and rather positive despite her situation. She’s confident and always tries to help others. But Hotaru can become rather upset easily, but usually doesn’t hold grudges. She’s very caring and will sacrifice her own health for others at any time, especially for her close friend. 

Plot: (limited due to spoilers) 

Hotaru was born to two unknown people who supposedly lost her at a young age, she was taken in by underground orphanage workers and raised until she was 19, which was the time she left home. The day she left though, was the day her orphanage and many others in the city were found and gassed. Destroyed, she met up with Botan, a friend of one of her caretakers who told her to meet up with a strange person he met over the phone. Hotaru meets up with this stranger, who is later revealed to be Kichi; another orphan who’s been living on his own for about a year and a half. They strike up a friendship, and Hotaru persuades him to help her take down the government slowly, or take down their defenses. Eventually Kichi decides to help, and slowly the two take down district bosses in order to save the city from more destruction.

  • swimming
  • Caramel and peanut butter
  • The city
  • Her extra eye