Sherbert Robot



9 months, 3 hours ago
Trade Listing
For Sale (Real Currency)
$350 - $450


Offering for 350$ USD, Paypal Only

This ref is in the style of my sketch lines, if you would like this to be clean lined similar to other refs of mine, it will be an additional 100$
(if you choose to have this clean-lined I can also make additional details or minor details to the existing sketch that do not require entire re-draws at no additional cost)

Minor changes, such as color swaps, marking removal/changes can be made upon purchase.
Major changes as well as additional views/art may be possible but will incur an additional fee.
If you have any questions regarding what constitutes as a Major or Minor change, please feel free to ask

Can provide either CLIP or PSD with editable text, or I can fill in the text for you myself. (I can also provide text editable files for Medibang, Krita, or Affinity Photo/Designer if need be)

Adopt TOS can be found here