Rose Lightning



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 Rosetta Lightning

❥ Name: Rosetta Lightning

❥ Birthday: Unknown (23 in 2018)

❥ Marital Status: Married

❥ Race: Human

❥ Animal Affinity: Cheetah

❥ Nationality: Canadian (Caucasian)

❥ Sexuality: Bisexual (Female Preference)

❥ Favourite Food:  Unknown

❥ Favourite Drink:  Mojitos

❥ Lineage: Unknown, Vampire hunter

❥ Elemental Affinity: Nature / Flowers

❥ Family: Lacey (Daughter with Tom), Emerald (Wife)
Rosetta, at first glance is a tough but sweet woman with the potential of kicking some serious butt if necessary. She's warm and outgoing but also knows how to deal with quieter moments. She has the tendency of running her mouth however and acting before thinking which led her to inevitably cheat on her then longterm boyfriend, Tom, for her now wife Emerald.


5036342_p1A8bmFQestijjK.jpgShe's confident and strong-willed but elegant at heart. Rose has loyalty issues, being known for being commitment-phobic. She lives with her wife, Emerald, and currently is working to re-build her friendship with Roxie, Vi, Kira and Brenda. She is overly positive and friendly but it also very self-centered and will turn any conversation to be about herself.

Singing + Music

Flute and Harp



Rap Music

  • Rose can partially or fully 'transform' into a cheetah as her main animal affinity.
  • She, Violet and Roxie all have large cat affinities
  • Tom and Rose are finally on speaking terms
  • No one calls her "Rosetta"
  • She has 15 brothers (Mostly step and half brothers due to her mother's constant re-marriage) and no sisters.
  • She plays the harp and the flute.
  • The band thought that Rose would end up with Carter or Dominic (Vi's Cousin and Brother) but instead she ended up with Tom for several years as Violet ended up with the frontman of the group (Rose's brother)
  • Of all of her friends, she has most problems with Kira, since Kira refuses to forgive her for what she's done
  • She tried to date one of Roxie's boys but was turned down by him.


Tom Matalic

Tom Matalic by PaperTsubaki

Relation:  Ex-Boyfriend
Back when they were dating, the two were inseperable. They lived together in their apartment until Rose cheated which led Roxie to tell Tom which caused an instant break up. She ended up running away with Emerald.
In present day, Tom and Rose are on speaking terms but they don't like talking about what happened. Tom has full custody of their daughter and the Tom refuses to become friends.
Roxie Matalic
Relation:  Ex-Band mate, Best Friend
Roxie and Rose were best friends and present day Roxie is tentative around her but the two still have started to get along again. They had met back during training and eventually got together to form their music group with the other four. The two were really close until one day when Roxie witnessed Rose cheating with Emerald. She told her brother and the two broke up. Roxie played a huge role in getting custody of Lacey. In the end, the two ended up on good terms and worked to repair their relationship.
Violet Storm

Relation:  Ex-Bandmate, Best Friend

Vi and Rose were best friends for many years before the band and were in touch for a while after she disappeared with Em. The two ended up on rocky terms when Rose suddenly ghosted Vi out of nowhere. In persent day, they remain best friends though the trust is slightly broken.
Kira Brookheart

Relation:  Good Friend

Though not as close as Vi and Roxie, Rose and Kira were relatively close after meeting her and Brenda through Roxie. She was considered to be something of Kira's counterpart.