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"It is convenient."

Name || Julia Eleanor Wright (maiden name Beck)
Alias || Henry James Newman + others (Hinrich Neumann, Julia Baurmeister, Albert Sommer, Linda Norton etc) Possibly had the codename "Harrier" during The War.
Gender || Female (presents male)
Preferred pronouns || She/Her whilst female, He/Him whilst male (even if the person knows hir physical gender) (S/he / Hir or whatever feels suitable, when speaking of hir generally out-of-game)
Age || 35
Born on || 26th of June 1910
Ethnicity || british-german
Orientation || Lesbian
Occupation || Lietenant-Colonel of the British army, as well as a spy against Germans during The War
Status || Married, though "Henry" feigns being a bachelor
Playlist || Mostly swings and jazz with some Robbie Williams and pop


⇀ Disclaimer

Hm, when you accidentally make a roleplay character that embodies all the moral panic and "lesbians are seducing our innocent straight girls" stereotypes of the era because you thought it would be fun to see how long a character can keep their birth gender a secret from the other player... Julia/Henry's got quite a few character flaws. I'm aware of that. Hopefully s/he'll come to acknowledge them over time.

I know she somewhat stretches credibility but hopefully she's alright enough, especially as the roleplay takes a lot of historical liberties due to none of the people involved being historians.

I'm leaving whether or not s/he's a transsexual open as well. So far I reckon that, although the woman does feel more comfortable as "Henry" than as "Julia" it's more due to preferring society's attitude towards "Henry" and desperately wanting to get away from the stress of hiding her sexual orientation. Due to those shadow identities I shall refer to her by whatever pronouns seem to fit.

⇀ Setting

Urban fantasy shortly after the end of World War II


⇀ Personality

Flirty and protective, especially whilst s/he's "Henry". Flirtiness is still there when she's presenting as female, but often has a defined note of sarcasm to it making it clear that she's "just messing" with the person. Talkative with a fine attention to detail. Rather good at hiding hir fear and acting despite of it, pretty much the embodiment of british tendency to "keep a stiff upper lip and carry on".

⇀ Beliefs

Raised religious, into anglican branch of christianity. Retains knowledge on the Bible despite distancing hirself from religion. Never became an atheist but stopped going to church and chose to believe in a non-interventionist god who doesn't give a shit if you're a good or bad person. Seemed more logical to hir..

In addition believes that minority sexualities should be left alone, buggery ought to be decriminalized, people should mind their own business aaaaand that - with some obvious exceptions - nazis were okay people, all of which are things that a military official (acting on off-time as another military official's "beard") would know better to keep hir mouth shut.
Manages to be era-appropriately misogynist, believing that women are likelier to break under stress due to being more delicate and emotional. Also sees hirself as an exception to the rule and the stereotypes as something that ought to be overcome not passively accepted. That belief in genderroles is likely one of the reasons she's so fond of presenting as male - feels it helps hir be a braver, better, more respected person.

Likes ||
❤ Theater and acting
❤ Dogs
❤ "Bohemian women" - artists, actors etc. for he's fascinated with the "spark of creativity" in these individuals.
❤ Jogging and physical exercise
❤ Aesthetic of the "roaring 20's".
❤ Getting other people drunk (and then taking note of all the odd things they say)
❤ Flirting, being flirted with, and dates
❤ Swing and jazz music of the 1920's
❤ Dancing
Dislikes ||
✘ Asylums, work camps, prisons, other similar establishments, and the idea of ending up in one
✘ Psychiatry and psychiatrists in general - thinks it's mostly quack science (but secretly fears it's not and they'll see right through hir)
✘ Brighton and family arrangements
✘ Getting hirself drunk
✘ Untidiness and lack of discipline
✘ Spiders
✘ Getting rejected
✘ Self-pity
✘ Scars, tattoos, body modifications

⇀ Quirks & Habits

  • When studying the people around hir sometimes starts mimicking their bodylanguage in an attempt to "pin down" their behavior more.
  • Goes straight for cigars when stressed or thrown off-guard. You can tell hir mood by hir ashtray.
  • "Is your X in bloody Y?" as a sarcastic "What's taking you so long?!" ("Do you live in bloody Sussex?" "Is your arms dealer in Wales?")
  • Henry jogs recreationally as well as take part in a morning training routine. Enjoys the activity as well as needing some strength in his body to pull off the male disguise.



⇀ Description

Stands about 1.75 tall. Tries to keep fit, with some success, to go with the male disguise. Small breasts and a robust bone structure. Thin lips, above which rises a prominent straight nose. Short sunflower-yellow hair, that's styled down with gel whilst male and otherwise set in a short bobcut. Wigs or hair extensions are used as needed. The hairline's slightly modified to go further back along the temples and give the forehead a more "masculine" appearance - a fact which can be passably hidden with a good comb-over or a hat when it's time to leave house looking female. Blue eyes rest under a pair of curved, unplucked eyebrows.

As Henry Newman obviously shares Julia's facial features (and, through Terry, some acquaintances) you'd sometimes get people asking if the two are related - an inquiry which is usually met by an amused acknowledgement of the similarity but claiming it to be a coincidence.

General consensus (based on the reactions of surrounding people of either gender as well as Mr. Wright's and Julia's own opinion) holds that Henry Newman looks considerably more "attractive" than Mrs. Julia Wright.


⇀ Aesthetic

Julia wears the kind of slightly army-inspired dresses popular during the era, with occasional throwbacks to the fashion of the "roaring 20's", particularly in her choice of accessories and evening wear. She tends to go rather heavy on the makeup, trying to make her lips appear wider and give the eyes a "smoky" look. The makeup has only gotten thicker since she took on the role of "Henry" in order to differentiate the features of her two personas more.

Henry is fond of casual suit jackets and his military uniform. Though he can still "pass" with only a shirt (and the bindings underneath) he rarely lets himself be seen without an overlaying article of clothing that makes the shoulders appear wider, for his build looks suspiciously narrow without one.

⇀ Important Notes

  • ⇀ Wears the wedding ring, but only when she's not "presenting" as someone else.
  • ⇀ As-of-roleplay: Since meeting Samson has started wearing a cross around hir neck again, as well as filling hir pockets with sugarcubes and loose change for they're the least conspicuous things that can be quickly fashioned into weapons against demons.
  • ⇀ Natural voice is on the lower side of the female spectrum, with a note of hoarseness in it and a nasally undertone. Sometimes adobts a sort of sarcastic drawl to her speech manner. Henry's voice sounds deeper and more lively, though still on the higher end of the male spectrum, once again with a note of raspiness to it.
  • ⇀ As-of-roleplay has attained a square-inch sized sigil of power, burnt into the back of hir neck, courtesy of Samson.
  • ⇀ As-of-roleplay has also managed to burn hir cross into hir palm, resulting in a deep, fresh scar there.


⇀ Background

Julia was born in Brighton. Her household language was german and the girl grew up bilingual from the start. Realized early on that she had no interest towards men, but didn't initially fathom that it was unusual due to believing that women are supposed to feel distant and disinterested in matters of romance.

[may or may not have gone to a boarding school]

Studied theater in Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts, from which she became involved with the "alternative" and "bohemian" culture, finally becoming more comfortable with her sexuality to the point of having a few short relationships. The small and hidden gay-lesbian scene in London provided her with solace and company, as well as served to bring her together with the then-lietenant Terry Wright.

The two were connected by their lack of interest towards the opposite gender, becoming each-other's confidantes and close friends. Terry proved invaluable in helping to coin the persona of mister Henry Newman, which allowed Julia to partake in activities otherwise deemed improper and develop a liking for the kind of attention and respect s/he wouldn't get otherwise.

Their friendship culminated in a marriage of convenience, allowing Julia to stay in London and giving the two a good cover to pursue their true romantic interests.

Terry got Henry a job in the military during The War. Only hir immediate superiors were aware of hir birthgender, and took advantage of it, enlisting "Henry", then putting hir disguising and acting abilities to use as a spy during World War II.

Spent a total of 18 months in Germany during The War, doing work for The Allies under two assumed identities. "Officially" Henry was written down as serving the British Military as a lietenant-colonel and if anyone in England asked for the whereabouts of Julia they'd be told that she was staying with Terry's relatives in the USA..

Extracted in 1945, retaining hir military position for the time being until the next assignment. S/he's grown very fond of hir maler persona, nowadays only going out as a woman for the occasional visits to The Gateway's Club or when a task calls for it.

Has all but stopped contact with hir family and friends in Brighton. Attained hir own bachelor apartment where "Henry" could live, to make the disguise more believable. Still hangs out with Terry, helping him keep the guise that "Julia" is off in America and covering up for his affairs when needed.

⇀ Family

Younger brother Benjamin Beck.
Great aunt Grete Beck.
Mother Nora Beck
Father Adolf Beck
English-born but of German descent. Family lives in Brighton.

Henry's made-up family
Father James Newman
Mother Diana Newman
One brother Adrian Newman
English as bangers n' mash.
All close relatives dead with no immediate family remaining

⇀ Important Moments

  • "Henry Newman" got his first test runs during Julia's last year in RADA. Pub crawl with Terry during which s/he nearly blew hir cover due to badly glued facial hair.
  • Getting married to Terry Wright. "Wedding night" meant retiring to private quarters with leftover cake, getting jolly-drunk and falling asleep each on their own side of the bed.
  • Shooting at a german officer whilst nearly getting caught. Managed to escape, but had to abandon the disguise s/he'd used at the time. Still doesn't know if the man survived or not.


rtAlwgX.pngColonel Terry Wright [ husband ]
Julia's army-man of a husband for over a decade. Despite their wedding being one of convenience rather than romantic love he's one of her best friends, who helped her establish her male persona and get a job in the military (stressing upon her acting and disguising skills). The pair share the secret of not being interested in the opposite gender, each leading their own love lives whilst giving their best to appear wholesome to the public.
4CtYngm.pngAngus [ dog ]
Julias' pet that currently lives with Terry, after s/he became too entangled with hir job to keep hir female persona around. Yappy little elderly thing that's approximately one part scottish terrier and three parts floor mop. Julia misses it and sometimes drops by as Henry just to say hi to the dog.
H3K2bmz.pngGeneral Montgomery Hammond [ General of the British Army ]
Henrys' supreme boss and the one apply hir to certain jobs of a sensitive nature. A very no-nonsense but fair man to whom s/he's got a lot of respect and loyalty for. Also, as turns out in the roleplay, a former high-ranking occultist who's implied to have distanced himself from the supernatural because World War II was easier on the concience.

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"The issue isn't that I'm stuck as the wrong gender, it's that I'm stuck as A gender!"

English plot

⇀ Short description

It is September 1945. Your boss has just told you that demons are real and he wants you to find out why there's so many. Your investigation partner in this matter is a half-human dickhead with woman-issues. Go.

⇀ Full description



⇀ Changes to personality and beliefs

S/He managed to look outwardly calm and collected upon learning of the existence of the supernatural, with the main symptom that this revelation affected hir at all being hir drastically increased consumption of cigarettes and alcohol. If anything,some of what s/he learnt from Samson actually enforced hir worldview - that God is real, but doesn't get directly involved in peoples' business.

S/he's still retained a very strong laymans' view of things being either "real" or "not real", much to the chagrin of Samson and some other occultists who've tried to convince hir otherwise.

⇀ Changes to quirks and abilities

  • Developed a fear of spiders after being under a particularly unpleasant illusion-dream.
  • Furthermose developed a fear of being stuck in an illusion without hir knowledge.
  • Has a "thing" regarding Old High German - seems to just sort of "recognize" certain words as being from that language, if not the meaning of the words.
  • Developing powers regarding generating electricity and controlling magnetism.
  • Various little boons from Samsons' mark, including.the dulling of some types of pain
  • Slightly accelerated healing from the werewolf-curse.



⇀ Scar map

1. Eyes change color for ~1 hour after daily dose of werewolf meds.
2. Two black eyes, one gained during a mock rescue meant to cover up the werewolf attack and the other from Samson for "whining too much".
3. Lost right arm to a werewolf attack.
4. Right hand had the shape of hir cross-necklace burnt into its flesh a few days before the amputation. Unlike hir other injuries it shows up in hir dreamworld/sanctuary.
5. Clawmarks along the torso and bitemarks on left arm.
6. Samsons personal "symbol of power" branded to the back of hir neck, allows hir to use some supernatural skills more easily.
7. Bruising and minor burnscars from getting smashed against the wall by electricity.


⇀ Changes to aesthetics and appearance

S/he'd taken to occasionally wearing leather aviator-jackets due to spending a lot of time on Samsons motorbike, as well as longcoats with many pockets. Also dusted off hir cross, carrying it along with other minor anti-demon items.

Got injured when hir powers manifested, resulting in a scarred palm along with minor concussions and burnscars along hir back.

Got further injured in a werewolf attack two days later, losing hir arm and gaining a ton of other wounds.



⇀ Definition

A sanctuary, in that particular roleplay, is a sort of place in ones' head, where the persons' power resides. Each is unique, often reflecting the individuals psychology in some odd or roundabout way.. Everyone has a sanctuary, but only a few ever become aware of theirs or gain access to it. It's often linked to knowledge of the supernatural and the ability to use supernatural power.

⇀ Description

Henry unlocked hirs as soon as hir powers manifested, "waking up" in the sanctuary every time s/he goes to sleep. The place takes the form of a meadow surrounded by a massive forest of unknown species of trees. There is no visible passage of night and day, instead the phase of time seems to change depending on ones' location, such as a lake in the woods being continuously sunny whilst the meadow is surrounded by perpetual twilight.The heart of the sanctuary is an altar - a treestump engraved with various symbols, piled up with items of personal importance.

The place feels dreamlike and unchanging, with no birds, animals or fishes to be seen, apart from one deer who occasionally shows up for reasons unknown.

S/He hirself appears as an androgynous-looking individual dressed in white and gold druids' robes. Hir dream-body doesn't reflect the state s/he's in whilst awake, remaining unchanged even after the werewolf-attack.The wound from the cross s/he'd burnt into hir hand when hir powers first manifested is an exception.

S/He's able to modify hir sanctuary as if it was a lucid dream. S/He's kept the alterations to a minimum though, as s/he sees hirself as the sanctuarys' "protector" or "caretaker and thus tries to preserve as much of its original appearance as possible. S/He "thought up" a number of pathways leading to landmarks in hir sanctuary, as well as a small cottage on the edge of the meadow - a rustic druids abode, unless s/he needs it to be something else. Other noteworthy changes include a feeding rack for the deer and an occasional practice rink/shooting range that vanishes as soon as s/he has no further use of it.

S/He initially disliked having a sanctuary, as it robbed hir of the ability to "turn hir mind off" whilst asleep, but has grown fond of it over time, using the to time s/he's asleep to learn new skills or plan for the following day.


cZzudEL.pngSamson/Daniel Clarke [ unwilling investigation partner ]
Nephilim on a motorbike. Gray hair, looks in his 20's hunts demons. Acts as a "civilian informant" to the British Military's supernatural division and got placed in Henry's investigation to uncover the reason for increased demonic possessions. Crude, rude, zero manners or patience, thinks he's the most qualified bestest person on the case especially after figuring out Henry's biological gender. The two need each-other though. Samson is Henry's wikipedia on the supernatural whilst Henry is the overseer and link to military connections...plus likely also the main data gatherer, for Samson's investigation style is about as subtle as a kick to the nuts.
zqPBGWM.pngMelodie-Brit Ashen [ love interest ]
Combat nurse and Henrys' physical therapist following hir run-in with a werewolf. She's the first woman to show any romantic interest in Henry despite knowing of both hir gender and crossdressing tendencies. In addition she's headstrong, can kick ass despite her feminine looks and seems to have managed to keep both a sense of humanity and compassion despite some awful experiences working with The Occultists. Henry fell in love with her almost instantly (gleefully ignoring her anger- and jealousy-issues).
0VXCilH.pngJames Ashen [ love interests brother ]
Built like a bodybuilder. A man who prefers actions to words. Fiercely protective of his sister. Tends to let his concience override direct commands when lives are at stake. So far seems to have a rather positive disposition to Henry though that might change once he learns of hir gender..
9b9UtFL.pngAlice Evans [ the other player's character ]
Famished-looking young woman with jumbled memories and an ability to rewind time. Possibly related to the demon-case, definitely related to unsavory business with angels and werewolves.
IqbIEga.pngSamuel [ foil, rival ]
A bloke of rather unremarkable appearance who makes no secret of being the Occultists' disguise- and espionage expert. The shadiest part about Samuel is his apparent lack of dark secrets and messed-up backstories. He has known Melodie since childhood, possibly having an unrecruited crush towards the woman. Henrys' feelings towards the spy generally veer between bitter jealousy and a sense of kinship.
NdxPD9T.pngMr. Robert J. Clarke [ Suspect ]
Unofficial leader of occultists, Samsons' father and the only known person to call Samson "Daniel". Despite being repeatedly assured that Mr. Clarke is "trustworthy" Henry suspects that he might be conncected to the demon-case, or at least the disappearance of miss Jane Parker..
VcnuvLt.pngMargaret L. Williams and Frank Williams [ acquaintances ]
A married couple belonging to the ranks of The Occultists, specializing in curses, illusions and that which is unreal. Henry/Julia originally formed a complicated plan to seduce Margaret but wisely abandoned it after finding out that the two are werewolves come to live among humans. Frank is currently on the run, apparently having betrayed The Occultists. Henrys' relationship to Margaret remains neutral.

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"For the power of all people, be they rich or poor or male or female,
to give them a voice and control of their lives,
and for the Red Pawn!"

Wyderian plot

⇀ Short description

That moment when your disguise was so good that the entity sending you and your comrades to a medieval fantasy kingdom can't tell the difference and makes you a legitimate man and then a chick who may or may not be a god puts you in charge with leading a civil war.

A short medieval fantasy subplot that was supposed to be over in a couple of sessions and seven in-game days but stretched up to several months and seven in-game years with no end in sight..

⇀ Full description



⇀ Changes to personality and beliefs

He took his temporary gender-change quite well, quickly becoming fond of being physically male, due to his new body having more strength, a working set of arms and the kind of looks which many local women found attractive. On the occasions when he does feel the need to feel like a woman he does so whilst asleep, in his Sanctuary.

He's become a devoted follower of the Red Pawn movement, being first drawn to it by the agendas' ideology of tolerance and value of life. He's also fascinated by some aspects of wyderian culture, such as how open they are about sex compared to englishmen and how they just don't consider homosexuality a big deal. That said, the wyderian dislike for democracy and normalization of violence feels distasteful to him - still has more in common to englishmen than the locals in terms of philosophy.

Although he likes his new body and Wyderia he's got a strong dislike for his given role as the Red Pawn general, feeling out of place in the center of attention. He's come to regard the civil war as being increasingly more real over the years. With that change of perspective there came the guilt over bad decisions, such as getting his whole army killed. The responsibility of leadership has made him more tense, shut-in and paranoid. He feels that opening up to anyone would be seen as a sign of weakness in a leader, thus he tries to overcome his guilt on his own.

⇀ Changes to quirks and abilities

  • Took the chance to quit smoking, as his new body belonged to a non-smoker and wasn't physically addicted to tobacco.
  • Partakes in some replacement activities to smoking - chewing on blades of grass or biting his nails.
  • Read up on local war-tactics and history of the enemy bloodlines
  • Took up swordplay and riding lessons.
  • Actively learning facereading - the ability to tell falsehoods or personal details from peoples' face and bodylanguage. He seems to have a natural knack for it.
  • No werewolf-curse and seemingly no magnetism or electricity skills either in Wyderia.



⇀ Scar map

1. Various fresh scars on his leg and torso from a catastrophic run-in with a wild boar.
2. Two straight scars on the inner side of his left arm, gained from a time when he had to sacrifice his blood to a volcano.
3. Various other small scrapes from tumbling about in the woods and practicing swordsmanship or horseriding.


⇀ Changes to aesthetics and appearance

He's changed his style quite considerably to account for the different fashion trends of Wyderia. When faced with the prospect of learning how to shave with a shaving knife Henry opted to just grow out his beard, claiming to have done so because facial hair "fits the character". His hair is also much longer, reaching to his shoulders in a thick wave. Though still fit - having more muscle mass than his English body ever did - age is clearly starting to creep up on Henry, from the way how his hair is turning gray early from stress to how wrinkles have started to appear in the corners of his eyes and on his forehead. There are discernible tan-lines along his hands and neck from time outdoors.

He generally wears tunics and cloaks, with thighs or pants that have pockets sewn into the crotch, as is Wyderian fashion. Henry tends to go more by what he feels is "expected" of a given role than his personal clothing preferences (with the exception of a crown he used to wear for ceremonial purposes - although impressive to locals he loathed the thing).

Most importantly though, he's taken to always wearing a red scarf no matter where he goes - the symbol of Red Pawn. His favorite one is a small, thin strip made of fine silk, which has some emotional value to him on account of the odd occurrences that surrounded his attainment of it..

Hasn't bothered to learn how to imitate a female voice in his male body, thus couldn't pass for a woman even if he shaved and put on a dress.


OPHOzXN.pngThe Englishmen [ Grumpy underlings ]
~26 people comprised of occultists and the Supernatural Department workers. By the time of the "dream Wyderia" only 8 are left - Henry himself, Alice, former general Hammond, Samsons father Mr. Clarke, Margaret Williams, Samuel, Melodie Ashen and James Ashen, with the whereabout of the rest being unknown. Henry's grown closer to Samuel and more distant with the rest, as they grow restless, homesick and unwilling to accept his authority.
y4NdWTH.pngThe Red Pawn [ fear + worship? ]
The founder of the Red Pawn movement. Commonly simply referred to as "She", "Her", "The Seed" or "The Red Pawn", as She seeks to be seen as a symbol rather than a person. She's the leader of an uprising against the supporters of the King of Wyderia, bringing with Her a whole array of attached symbolism and ideology. An absolutely fierce person who doesn't take shit from anyone. Imagine Jeanne d'Arc but less christianity and more fire magic.".
rzEM35Y.pngFlenn [ Red Pawn spymaster, rival/teacher/underling ]
One of the first who started following Her. A cocky young man who's more intelligent than he seems.
T3RvWPk.pngNigel Tanner [ former underling ]
One of the many "characters" from the "shared dream Wyderia" who're likely different than their real counterparts, if they even existed. Nigel is Flenns' half-brother and Henrys' on-again-off-again sidekick.
jHLCCfT.pngThe King of Wyderia [ prisoner/friend ]
One of the many "characters" from the "shared dream Wyderia" who're likely different than their real counterparts. Once a mighty ruler, but long since fallen to age-induced dementia. His condition had been kept secret from the people, with The Queen doing the majority of the actual ruling, up until Her Majesty was assassinated by Samuel during a Red Pawn coup. The King ended up in Henrys' custody and the two have struck up an odd friendship, even though His Majesty can't remember his name and thinks his abduction is a fun field trip.

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