Damon Valentino's Ownership

Please read the Characters FAQ for further information on permissions and original ownership!

Character Permissions

Cannot be transferred for any reason.

Design Terms of Use

SweetlyViolent Global Rules

Character T.O.S: No stealing, but trading and gifting are okay. You can only resell for more than the character was bought for if you've drawn or received art of them at least an additional time. You can change anything (name, attitude, story, hair style, outfit) EXCEPT the design (colors, gender, hair color/length, body type, eye shape, etc) Characters can be used in any way you feel fit. Please don't leave them to collect dust. I would honestly rather the character be traded or sold to someone that'll use them than just remain dormant. Please do not take credit for my artwork or designs, and on toyhou.se please always list me as either designer or creator. If you do not like a design you have received from me or that traces back to me, please let me know and I will reclaim the character.