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 Brandon Matalic

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❥ Name: Brandon Matalic

❥ Birthday: May 10th 1990 / 1992

❥ Marital Status: Single

❥ Race: Human (Temporarily vampire)

❥ Animal Affinity: Arctic Wolf

❥ Nationality: Canadian (Mixed background)

❥ Sexuality: Questioning

❥ Favourite Food:  Chow Mein

❥ Favourite Drink:  Whiskey tbh

❥ Lineage: Aristocratic, Vampire hunter

❥ Elemental Affinity: electricity

❥ Family: Tom, Max, Jake, Michael (Quintuplet Brothers), Roxie (Little Sister), Afanasy, Radiance (Children), Anica, Tyler (Parents)
Brandon is the second eldest of the quintuplets and he assumes the leader position while making Tom believe that he is the leader (Though, in reality, their little sister is the true boss)
Brandon was separated from Tom and Roxie and lived with Max for the majority of his life. He considers himself closest to Tom, Roxie and Max, since his other two siblings tend to try to annoy him.

Brandon eventually dated and fell in love with his friend from childhood, Aimee, who he had two kids with. After many years of dating, the two parted ways and Brandon went to live with his sister and Brother. 


While his brothers actively try to distance themselves from the others, Brandon is the quickest to act out just to show how different he is from the others. Aside from that, Brandon acts the most mature of the brothers, being the bad cop alongside his more empathetic counterpart, Tom. Brandon tries to keep up a more bad-boy personality, though at his core he's soft and thoughtful like the rest of his brothers.
Brandon appears quiet and stoic, even appearing intimidating or angry to those who don't know him. He's a lot more relaxed than his older brother though he can get angry when pushed.

  • Brandon cries a lot in private but tries to be a tough guy to everyone else
  • He looks scary, but he cares very deeply
  • His hair is dyed so he would feel closer to his sister.
  • He smokes, like Tom and Michael. Roxie usually throws water in his face when he does
  • He loves beer and whiskey
  • When he gets upset, he hugs Tom and refuses to let him go.
  • He's been with other guys but never put a label on it since he was only romantically attracted to women.
  • He began to question his sexuality when Tom came out as Bi. 
  • When I first drew Brandon when I was nine, I tried to sketch him as a pokemon sprite and my friend noted that he looked like a bald guy in a bathing suit and he has since been given that nickname.

  Spending time with his brothers

Sports (Hockey, Baseball)

Listening to music
❥ People telling him what to do


Being criticized for not living with his children

Tom Matalic
tom matalic
Relation:  Identical Twin / Quintuplet Brother

Even though Brandon is the most mature, Tom often assumes the position of leader. Tom is the closest to Brandon out of all of his brothers, as they tend to be the most rational of the five.
As kids, Brandon and Tom were quick to leave out anyone who wasn't one of the quintuplets, including their little sister. The two were relatively close, spending most of their time together rather than being with the other three boys. When the children were forced into foster care, Tom and Brandon were taken in together, then later Max joined them.
As adults, Tom has a hard time understanding Brandon's lack of drive to be there for his kids, or his lack of desire to maintain his relationships.
In 2014 / 2015, Roxie had ended up watching a movie that made her realize that she was afraid of losing her brothers and that she wanted the relationship with her brothers that she never had. As a result, both Tom and Brandon moved in with her and asked to share a room.

Michael MatalicRelation: Identical Twin / Quintuplet Brother
Though the two are particularly close, Brandon often judges Michael for his decisions as Michael judges him for his decisions of leaving his kids.
Jake MatalicRelation: Identical Twin / Quintuplet Brother
Jake is quite jealous of Brandon due to his longterm relationship as well as his children. The two still get along but aren't nearly as close as Jake is to Michael or Brandon is to Tom.
Max MatalicRelation: Identical Twin / Quintuplet Brother
Brandon used to bully Max when they were kids, but still favours him due to his lighthearted and carefree attitude. Max is very quick to be supportive of Brandon, even in his bad decisions-- Max still encourages Brandon for making a decision even if it was a bad one. The two often rival for Tom and Roxie's attention.
Roxie MatalicRelation: Younger Sister
Brandon and Roxie's relationship is close but strained. Because the two didn't grow up together, they find it difficult to see each other as siblings but rather close friends. Because of this, Brandon used to be rather cold toward Roxie but since the two have become closer even living with her at one point. Roxie holds a grudge against him since she wanted to be the first in the family to have children.
AimeeRelation: Ex-Girlfriend / Mother of children
Aimee knew Brandon from childhood but the two weren't particularly close until they were teenagers. At that time, the two began to date which sparked a longterm relationship between them. The two ended up having Afanasy together and later on Aimee found out she was pregnant again with Rei. The two of them realized they were only together because of their kids and decided to break it off while still being friends.