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Annika Nicoletti

Gender Female
Age 25
Species Doberman Dog
Height 5' 6'' (167 cm)
Weight 125 lbs. (56.7 kg)
Sexuality Lesbian
Alignment Chaotic Neutral

gruff . flirtatious . sarcastic

Anna is a very bitter and rough woman, who hasn’t gotten over everything the world has put her through. She is gruff, sarcastic, and prone to violence, usually trying to solve her problems with her fists first. She has trust and abandonment issues, and has trouble keeping her relationships healthy. However, she is very flirtatious and loves to tease. She tries to act tough most of the time but can be flustered or panicked at times. Though she doesn’t like to admit it, she has a lot of guilt and blames herself for a lot of things. She is usually very tired with a headache. She wants nothing more than to protect her little brother and live happily, with or without her curse. She wants to get married someday.

Anna was abandoned by her drunken parents when she and her baby brother, Lucas, were very young. She was taken care of by her neighbor, Gabby, during this time, and also made friends with Erin. The two became good friends and loved to explore, and made plans to travel the world someday. However, when the two girls got trapped in an abandoned radio station, the two were cursed by a vengeful spirit. The spirit wanted to take one of them so it could walk again, and when Anna refused, it cursed them both. She was cursed to never be able to say anything about what she saw again, and her lungs do not work properly anymore. She was rushed to the doctor once she was found, but they couldn’t find the cause or disease that she developed so quickly. The bill was hefty for an orphan child, so she turned to selling drugs as a way to pay for it. Erin, though Anna tried to reach out to her, abandoned her too. She made new, worse friends and got caught up in the wrong crowds, until she was eventually caught. She successful appeared as a struggling single woman trying to support her brother, and she was allowed a few months of house arrest. During this time, Erin’s therapist Pearl, started to visit her and Lucas to bring them groceries and anything else they needed. Pearl and Anna became closer, despite how different they were. Anna was scared though, considering her past and how much she didn’t want to ruin her and Pearl’s new relationship, but they agree to take it slow and whatever may come, they can fix it together.

Anna is an average-sized anthro Doberman dog. She has relatively defined muscles, but is mostly thin looking. Her fur is mostly a warm black, with light tan markings on her face, chest, and limbs. Her ears are pinked and her tail is docked. Her nails are always unpainted. Her skin is darker pink, and her eyes are a deep Kelly green. Her wardrobe is purely functional, consisting of jeans, sweatpants, tank tops, t-shirts, flannel shirts, and hoodies. She has a tattoo of a rose on her left shoulder blade.

yes it's dangerous, that's why it's fun.

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