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Pearl Madrid

Gender Female
Age 26
Species Poodle Dog
Height 5' 5'' (165 cm)
Weight 120 lbs. (54.4 kg)
Sexuality Questioning
Alignment Lawful Good

caring . understanding . secretive

Pearl is a personal therapist. She is caring, understanding, and speaks with a soft, light voice. She is dedicated to helping people in any way she can. She gets frustrated when she can do nothing to help. She often cleans and picks things up without thinking, and is a little bit of a neat-freak, trying to keep everything organized. She is average sized and very pretty, and she blushes easily. She can be firm when she needs to be but is easily shaken and can't be angry for very long. She is very logical and makes connections easily, but also knows how to understand and respect other's feelings. She thought she knew everything about herself but is slightly questioning how much she knows. She is currently Anna's girlfriend and Erin's therapist.

Pearl is not proud of her past. She was orphaned at 15, and her foster family paid little attention to her. She went to college right out of high school, but started to struggle to pay for her needs. When no place would hire her, she became a pole dancer, then later a prostitute. She stopped once she graduated and got a job as a personal therapist. She worked with many clients before she met Erin. One night, she was being followed by a man, and for her own safety she hid in a lesbian bar. She met Anna there and kept in touch. Once Pearl found out about Anna's drug dealing, she got scared and the two had been shaky ever since. They since reconnected and got an understanding of one another, and are now in a stable relationship.

Pearl's appearance is very pretty and slightly slim. She is naturally a blonde-brown poodle. When she was younger, and during her sex work days, she had dyed pink fur and lighter markings. However, after she stopped, she dyed her fur brown to get rid of the memories of her past life. She has soft fur and light blue eyes. She dresses very femininely, wearing dresses, skirts, blouses, scarves, and other fancy clothes. Her clothes are normally pastel or generally light in color, and she paints her nails often.

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