Rakka's Comments

hot boy!!!!

He's such a beautiful character! Your designs are stunning <3

This character is gorgeous! <3 Amazing design!

My god, so cool! I might draw him XD

Oh my gah, I'm in love ;//////; c..can I hug/ smooch him?? <3

My type / 10......may I pat him on the head please

im. marrying. him.

I'll marry your profile picture :^)))

Someday, I'll be able to fanart him properly for you, erebun... Just not now ;; *weeps dejectly*

*speechless* I need to learn to art this well. He's one of my favorite characters that I've seen.

Wow he is handsome *~*

;v; thank you!!

He is so prettiful. 0.0 <33

;v; thank you!!