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Bunnariums are a closed species created by WENZ!

Approval Form/Traits:

MYO Ticket Number: 14

Designer: Feathers95
MYO Slot Type: Anniversary MYO Event!
Additional traits needed and link to inventory displaying traits: None

Ear Types: Bunny Ears (Common)
Body Adornments: Unadorned (Common)
Skin Tones: Human (Common)
Body Markings: Single-Coloured (Common)
Tail Types: Flower (Common)

Number of Ariums: 1 (Common)
Arium Type(s): Mid-Section (Common)
Types of Arium on body: Terrarium (Common)

Image Links: https://i.ibb.co/Cwf3Y9D/Raseri-nobg.png

Notes to be written up one day:

  • Was picked up by Ning Yuqi as a young child after being lost by his parents during a bandit scuffle. She raised him as his adoptive mother for many years, before he managed to trace his roots back to Winter. Still thinks of her as his mother though.
  • Biological son of a pair of nomadic merchant-turned bandits, with roots in Winter.
  • Has a fondness for Autumn and its cool misty weather, general aesthetic and the fact that Ning Yuqi resides there.
  • Is young, probably around 16 years of age.
  • Optimistic, carefree, naive, adventurous, fearless
  • Aims to be a bit of a cartographer, mapping all the places he's ventured.